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The term enchanted refers to mobs that have a glowing, slightly larger appearance than that of a regular mob in Minecraft Dungeons. Enchanted mobs have higher damage resistance and one or more additional properties that make them more of a threat to heroes compared to standard mobs.

Enchanted mobs[]

Enchanted mobs obtain their enchantments from an enchanter, the Arch-Illager, or spawn with enchantments. Passive, such as Sheep, and neutral mobs can also appear with enchantments.

Enchanted mobs have an enchanted glowing appearance. The more enchantments they have, the brighter their appearance. For example, a mob with 3 enchantments appears brighter than a mob with 1 enchantment. The mob also becomes slightly larger when enchanted.

Enchanted mobs are the hero's hunting target for the mystery merchant to unlock more slots in his stall and to change the way his stall looks. Enchanted mobs can overwhelm the hero much faster than powerful mob, ancient mob, or boss mobs, especially on Apocalypse Plus threat levels, where they spawn in large numbers, are much faster, and have less stagger durations. On such high difficulties, these mobs are not to be approached recklessly.

Heads up Display when near an enchanted Chicken Jockey. The three enchantments attached are Common enchantments as indicated by .
would be used for Powerful enchantments.

The Heads-up display presents the name, enchantments, and enchantment rarity (Common or Powerful) possessed by nearby enchanted mobs. Heroes can use this as an indication that enchanted mobs are close and plan ahead on how to confront them.

List of mob obtainable enchantments[]

Enchanter can apply Double Damage or Fast Attack onto nearby mobs. Heroes using the Enchanter's Tome artifact can apply Double Damage, Fast Attack, or Quick onto nearby Summoned mobs, such as the Iron Golem, and heroes.
Enchanted mobs can possess any of the following properties:

  • Burning — Mob emits a circle that continuously damages heroes within it.
  • Chilling — Mob emits a chilling aura that slows the hero’s movement and attack speed every 2 seconds.
  • Deflect — Mobs deflect projectiles back at the hero.
  • Double Damage — Mobs deal 2 times as much damage to the hero. Similar to the Strength potion.
  • Electrified — Mob emits an electrical burst every 5 seconds, dealing major damage to nearby heroes. So this means that mobs roll every 5 seconds.
  • Fast Attack — Increased mob attack speed.
  • Fire Trail — Mob leaves a trail of purple fire as it moves.
  • Frenzied — Mob attack speed increases by 50% when below half its maximum health.
  • Gravity Pulse — Mob emits a pulse that pulls in nearby heroes every 10 seconds.
  • Heal Allies — Mob receiving damage heals other nearby mobs.
  • Protection — Mob receive 50% less damage.
  • Quick — Mobs have higher movement speed. Similar to Swiftness
  • Radiance — Mob has a chance to summon an aura that heals it and all allies when attacking, ranged mobs have Radiance Shot Instead.
  • Regeneration — Mobs regenerate health within seconds.
  • Rush — Mobs gain increased movement speed for a short duration after receiving damage.
  • Thorns — 12.5% of damage received is applied onto the attacker.

Ranged mobs only[]

  • Bonus Shot — Ranged mobs have a chance of firing an additional shot when shooting.
  • Chain Reaction — Mobs that shoot projectiles have a chance to split into 5 more projectiles on impact.
  • Gravity — Projectiles pull in allies of the hero to the impact point of the arrow.
  • Growing — Projectiles fired from the mob become larger and deal more damage the longer the projectile travel.
  • Levitation Shot — Projectiles cause the hero to levitate and take fall damage when hit.
  • Multishot — Ranged mobs have a chance to shoot 5 projectiles instead of 1.
  • Poison Cloud — Projectiles create a poison cloud identical to those that Witches throw wherever they land.
  • Power — Mob inflicts increased ranged damage.
  • Radiance Shot — Projectiles fired heal the mobs' allies but not the hero.
  • Ricochet — Has a chance to have their projectile bounce from hero to hero.
  • Tempo Theft — Mob steals speed from heroes hit by the projectile.
  • Void Strike — Projectiles apply Void Touched on the hero, causing it to take more damage from further mob attacks.

Daily Trial mobs only[]

  • Committed — Mob damage to the hero increases as hero Health decreases.
  • Critical Hit — Mob has a chance to inflict three times as much damage when they attack.
  • Echo — Mob has a chance to instantaneously repeat an attack right after attacking.
  • Thundering — Lighting strikes nearby heroes after every attack.
  • Weakening — Mob inflicts Weakened for 5 seconds, reducing the hero’s attack damage and increasing damage taken.

Seasonal Trials mobs only[]

Ancient mobs and minions only[]

  • Cowardice — Mobs deal extra damage when at full health.
  • Fire Aspect — Mob attacks inflict Burning.
  • Fuse Shot — Projectiles fired explode after a short duration.
  • Huge — Mob appears larger.
  • Leeching — Mobs gain a percent of the hero’s health every time they attack.
  • Mob Resurrection Aura — Nearby mobs, not including the enchantment bearer, are resurrected upon death.
  • Rampaging — Mob attack speed increase upon attacking the hero.
  • Sharpness — Mob Melee damage increased.
  • Shockwave — Mob projects a damaging wave after every attack in the direction of the attack.
  • Swirling — Mob emits a damaging radius upon attack when hero is nearby.

Raid captains only[]

  • Chains — Mob binds target and the target is unable to move.[verify]


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  • The Love Medallion does not affect enchanted mobs.
  • Heroes can use ranged weapons with Wild Rage on enchanted mobs with the Fire Trail enchantment, which makes the mob burn on its own trail.
  • Occasionally, animals can spawn enchanted, while the Piggy Bank can rarely spawn enchanted on Daily Trials and Seasonal Trials.
  • Regeneration, Heal Allies, Huge, Mob Resurrection Aura, and Invisible are obtainable on mobs but are not enchantable onto hero equipment.
  • Only two boss mobs can be enchanted in a non-Ancient Hunt environment, the Tempest Golem and evokers.
  • Mob Resurrection Aura is a 100% variant of the pre- Apocalypse Plus "chance for mobs to revive" property.


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