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Minecraft Dungeons Emeralds

Emeralds are the main currency in Minecraft Dungeons (other currencies include enchantment points, Gold and souls). They are used in the Camp to purchase gear from the Luxury Merchant, Village Merchant and Mystery Merchant. They can also be used to gift items with the Gift Wrapper and upgrade items with the Blacksmith.


Emeralds are dropped by most mobs in the game, in various amounts, and can also be found in chests and emerald pots. Items can also be salvaged for emeralds and enchantment points. After beating Creeper Woods for the first time, the player will find one emerald chest near camp that contains 50 emeralds. This continues until the Obsidian Pinnacle.


Emerald Right Collect
Emerald Burst Out
Emerald Burst Out Ping
Emerald Collect
Emerald Collect Alt
Emerald Drop Alt