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For the Artifact in the base game, see Elytra.

Filter item default.png Consumable

Grants the ability to blast off and glide.

In-game description

Elytra are consumable wings from the Echoing Void DLC that allows the hero to glide.


Elytra are two beetle-like wings. A dark blue outline surrounds the pair. The color transitions from a pale blue at the bottom to a dark gray at the top.


Like the base game, elytra are found on end ships in the End Wilds. A pair of elytra are automatically equipped when playing the Broken Citadel.


Elytra can be used to traverse the end islands and can be used to do dive onto mobs when landing. Elytra can be used with firework launch stations to traverse throughout the End Wilds and the Broken Citadel.


Elytra activate
Elytra are picked up
Player dashes
Player dives
Player flies up after diving
Player flies
Player flies
Player slams into ground
Player lands


Minecraft Dungeons
July 19, 2021Elytra technology is revealed and shown off in-game as the hero ventures deep into the heart of the End.[1] elytra.


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