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Elaine is a punchy protector. They love martial arts and making friends.

Minecraft Dungeons Arcade Card

Elaine is a hero in Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.


They have dark skin and they wear purple clothes.


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaElaine.pngAdded Elaine.
October 18, 2021A twitter video was released featuring the hero Elaine, who was frantically sweeping their cackling broom against a target dummy while wearing their sturdy bubbling cauldron armor; they are admired by the zombified baby pig.[1]
October 22, 2021Another Twitter video was released, revealing that the zombified baby pig, upon deciding to stick with Elaine, attempts to see a connection between the hero’s bravery and strength with the combined match of their phantom cape and phantom bow.[2]
October 27, 2021A third Twitter video was released, continuing the story, where, in the midst of a battle, the zombified baby pig marvels at Elaine’s bravery and honor as they cut down foes with their gnarly skull scythe and elegant webbed bow.[3]
November 1, 2021A fourth Twitter video was released, where Elaine’s wondrous spooky gourdian armor causes the zombified baby pig to come to the realization that it did not matter that it missed the Pet Parade, as it relished proudly having been apart of Spookier Fall.[4]
January 2, 2022In a Twitter video, the hero, Elaine, was featured equipping and using the troubadour armor along with a harp crossbow within the pumpkin pastures, the soggy swamp, and the frosted fjord.[5]