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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 

TO THE END — You’ve followed the story of the Arch-Illager and found the shards from the Orb of Dominance – now it’s time to reach the End. The final chapter of Minecraft Dungeons unfolds in Echoing Void, the newest DLC. Face new enemies, collect gear, and make your way through challenging new missions to end this fightonce and for all.

In-game pre-purchase description

The Echoing Void is a Minecraft Dungeons DLC that takes place in the End dimension that was announced at Minecraft Live 2020 and was released on July 28, 2021. This DLC mostly takes place in the Other Dimensions tab, like the Flames of the Nether. Showcased at Minecraft Live 2020, it is the last Season Pass DLC after Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether and Hidden Depths. It wraps up the game's Orb of Dominance story arc.


MCD Stronghold Map

The Stronghold where the first half of Echoing Void takes place.

Echoing Void Map

The End Islands where the second half of Echoing Void takes place.

Echoing Void is based on the End dimension in the base game. The hero starts out in a stronghold beneath a small island. The island is made up of spruce trees growing on a small hill. On the island is a short path leading from the beach to a small cave entrance. Beneath the cave entrance is the stronghold portal room, holding nothing but an activated End Portal. The portal leads to the southern area of the Echoing Void map, which is made up of floating islands with chorus trees. An End City can be seen near the southeast area. Two End Gateways can be seen on the eastern side, presumably connecting the southern area and the northern area. In the northern area, multiple buildings can be seen on floating islands, which are connected via bridges. Void liquid can be seen pouring from some islands. Near the northwest corner, there is a large circular area—the city’s capital— surrounded by rocks, where the final battle against the Vengeful Heart of Ender takes place.


The following is included in this DLC pack:


Avoidable Burning Up Diver's Dozen End Run Heartbreaker I Need Them All Take the High Road To the End! Treasure Trove















Missions that are first introduced by the Echoing Void DLC:


Missions that are updated by the Echoing Void DLC:





Mobs that appear in the Echoing Void DLC but introduced in the Mainland or previous DLC:



Minecraft Dungeons
October 3, 2020Echoing Void revealed during Minecraft Live 2020 in early development.
October 3, 2020In the Minecraft Live recap above, the Arch-Illager is shown. However, this was confirmed to be a placeholder from a developer tweet.[1] End Rogue is added into the game files.
July 9, 2021A video was shown of two Endermen pulling Stone blocks away in the Overworld, with one finding and grabbing the remains of the Orb of Dominance, being a hint to the Echoing Void’s story.[2]
July 11, 2021A second video was shown. This one showed an End Portal with the portal itself depicting a distorted face. This face was confirmed to be the distorted face of the Vengeful Heart of Ender’s first form peering from the void. This further hinted at the story.[3]
July 12, 2021The name for the DLC is revealed to be Echoing Void and the release date is July 28, 2021.[4]
July 16, 2021A twitter video was released on July 16 of 2021, which showcased a few hints of the DLC missions.[5]
July 23, 2021The Echoing Void episode of the Dungeons Diaries was released on July 23 of 2021.[6]
July 26, 2021The soundtrack for the Echoing Void was released.[7]
July 27, 2021A video was released on July 27 of 2021, which showcased a cutscene of going through the End Portal in the Stronghold mission.[8]
July 28, 2021Echoing Void Release Trailer is announced.[9] Void released. Echoing Void Daily Trials.


  • It is the only DLC in which official artwork is not shown as background in Minecraft Dungeons section of Minecraft Launcher. Instead, Ultimate Edition background is shown.
  • In a blog post, it was revealed that the Blastling, the Snareling, and the Watchling are members of the species officially known as Enderlings.
  • From July 28, 2021 to August 2, 2021, there was a bug where Daily Trials did not appear for the DLC. A similar bug was present with Howling Peaks from the release of that DLC to Flames of the Nether.
  • The voiceovers for the missions in this DLC seem to have some kind of distortion effect applied to them, likely to give off a "corruption" vibe.
  • This is also the only DLC which does not contain any secret locations.



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