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This page describes content that is a part of the Echoing Void DLC. 
This feature may be added to the game in the future.

Official logo for the Echoing Void DLC.

Official artwork for the Echoing Void DLC.

Echoing Void is a Minecraft Dungeons DLC that takes place in The End dimension that was announced at Minecraft Live 2020 and will be released on July 28, 2021. This DLC will also likely be in the Other Dimensions tab, like the Flames of the Nether. Showcased at Minecraft Live 2020, it is the last Season Pass DLC after Howling Peaks, Flames of the Nether and Hidden Depths.


The following is included in this DLC pack:


  • Ender Arrow Quiver [unofficial name]
  • Ender Book [unofficial name]
  • Ender Map [unofficial name]
  • Soul Amulet [unofficial name]




  • Ambush (Enchantment)
  • Shadow Blast
  • Void Strike


  • Chorus Bow [unofficial name]
  • Ender Blades [unofficial name]
  • Ender Claymore [unofficial name]
  • Ender Knives [unofficial name]
  • Shulker Bow [unofficial name]
  • Unnamed Shulker-like armor
  • Unnamed Soul Robe-like armor
  • Unnamed Ember Robe-like armor




Mobs that are first introduced by the Echoing Void DLC:


Mobs that appear in the Echoing Void DLC but introduced in the Mainland or previous DLC:



  • In the video, the Arch-Illager is shown. However, this has been confirmed to be a placeholder.[1]
  • It will be the last DLC introduced in the Season Pass, as confirmed by Marc Watson on Reddit.[2]
  • In a video released on July 9, 2021, a tiny hint of the story was revealed in that two Endermen have found something buried within some stone located in the Overworld titled, “They have found it…”.[3]
  • A second video was released on July 11, 2021, which showed a distorted face of the Vengeful Heart of Ender peering from the void before the End Portal deactivated with the phrase, “The End… is coming!”[4]
  • In a blog post, it was revealed that the official name of mobs native to The End are known as Enderlings.
  • Similar to how the Nether DLC never had a boss mission, this is the first DLC to not include a secret mission.


Minecraft Dungeons
October 3, 2020Echoing Void revealed during Minecraft Live 2020 in early development. End Rogue skin is added into the game files.
July 9, 2021A video of two Endermen pulling blocks away is seen, with one grabbing something glowing, being a hint to Echoing Void’s story.
July 11, 2021A video of an End Portal is seen with the face of the Vengeful Heart of Ender in the void before disappearing, further hinting the story.
July 12, 2021The name for the DLC is revealed to be Echoing Void and the release date is July 28, 2021.[5]