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Melee weapon



Some of your attacks can be followed up by another attack in quick succession.

In-game description

Echo is an enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons. When applied to an item, attacking performs two attacks, followed by a cooldown period. In this cooldown period, the player can still perform a single attack. After the cooldown period is over, the player is able to use echo again. The cooldown period shortens by one second for each tier. It is the natural enchantment of the swift striker and the whispering spear.


Tier Effect Cost
I 5 seconds cooldown 1 enchantment point
II 4 seconds cooldown 2 enchantment points
III 3 seconds cooldown 3 enchantment points


Echo works well with weapons that have low attack speed, like the soul knife, glaive, great hammer, and their variants. While these weapons are slow, but have higher power than other quicker weapons, and they also have unique abilities that the player may find useful.