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Diamond Dust
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Diamond Dust can be used to increase the power level of a pice of gear.

In-game description

The diamond dust is a currently unimplemented item found in Minecraft Dungeons. It can be used to upgrade the power level of a piece of gear or artifacts.


There's also a Mason who will give you Diamond Dust in exchange for Emeralds. Diamond Dust can be used to increase the Power Level of a piece of gear.

Minecraft Dungeons Guide Book

Diamond dust is an unimplemented mechanic, and has never been obtainable.


...when we add that functionality it’ll likely be a bit different than a pure upgrade. We have many fun thing[s] planned and would love to work with the community to create this together.

David Nisshagen

Diamond dust can be used to upgrade the power level of gear and artifacts to a maximum of level 256.




Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaDiamond Dust sprite.png Sprites for diamond dust have been added into the game. have been added for diamond dust.
June 27, 2020David Nisshagen replies to a comment about diamond dust and explains it was scrapped because "The original prototype implementation wasn't very fun - if we add it to the game in a future update, it will be different. And more fun!...".


  • Originally in the game files, the mason would have sold diamond dust for 1000 emeralds. This was likely a test, and was never replaced due to it being scrapped for the time being.