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Desert Temple
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The Desert Temple is the eighth location in Minecraft Dungeons. It is unlocked after completing the Cacti Canyon. The Lower Temple secret level is unlockable in this level. These two levels, along with ???, are the only non-DLC levels to be illager-free. However, Evokers occasionally spawn here on higher difficulties. Illagers may also appear here during Ancient Hunts.


THE NAMELESS KINGDOM – The wind-blown sands of the Desert Temple have wiped away the traces of a vast and ancient kingdom. Yet secretive power still lingers here. The enchanters of this ancient, nameless kingdom once practiced necromancy, magic that summons the dead. Now, generations later, the Illagers have arrived to try and pry power from these dusty tombs. Who knows what power they may find, but something else also protects these dusty crypts...

Deep within these halls awaits a powerful necromancer, the forgotten ruler of a nameless kingdom. The necromancer wields an enchanted staff that holds the power to summon the undead. We must destroy it before the Arch-Illager can claim it in his tiny, evil hands. That would surely be the doom of us all...


The in-game description and the Voiceover narration of the mission imply that the Nameless One and Archie turned on each other since they made their alliance in the prequel novel. However, it is vague on whether the Nameless One turned its back on Archie or if Archie’s desire for the staff caused him to be the betrayer.

The Desert Temple was built by an ancient civilization that focuses on beauty. It was built by skilled craftsmen in the unknown past. The temple is full of riches of the past and springing traps.

Time has destroyed parts of the temple, yet much of it remains intact deep beneath the surface of the desert. The skeleton vanguard, the Nameless One's personal guard, have stood guard for centuries, and the place is now full of old, evil, and forbidden magic: necromancy, the darkest sorcery, which the ruler of the Undead has practiced since ancient times.

Heroes need to be observant as there are slits spanning the width of some floors. There are also hidden blades that spin out of them and slice through heroes. As well as crushing walls in some corridors to watch out for. Necromancers exist in four corners of the temple. At long last, the heroes meet The Nameless One and destroy the necromancer's staff.

The necromancer's staff is destroyed. Once again, the Arch-Illager is thwarted.



The Desert Temple, as implied in the name, is in a Desert biome, specifically in the Nameless Kingdom. The structure itself consists of Sandstone-like blocks and Stone Bricks, Chains, decorated carpets and vases, and cobwebs to give it a 'ruined' look. Many moving wall-like structures are present, which can crush the player if aren't fast enough. Other dangers are also present, like blades that come out of the ground that can damage mobs and players and wall-like structures that can push players off edges.



Mob Difficulty
Arcade Default Adventure Apocalypse
Key Golem No Yes Yes Yes
Piggy Bank No Yes Yes Yes
Armored Husk Yes No No No
Armored Skeleton Yes Yes Yes Yes
Armored Zombie No Summoned[note 1] Summoned[note 1] Summoned[note 1]
Creeper Yes No No No
Husk Yes Yes Yes Yes
Melee Armored Skeleton Yes No No No
Necromancer No Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Horseman (mob) Yes No No No
Skeleton Vanguard Yes Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vex No No Summoned[note 2] Summoned[note 2]
Wraith Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zombie No Summoned[note 1] Summoned[note 1] Summoned[note 1]
Enderman No Yes Sometimes Sometimes
Endersent(Reaping Eye) No DLC DLC DLC
Evoker No No Sometimes Sometimes
Redstone Golem No No No Sometimes
Skeleton Horseman No No Sometimes Sometimes
Nameless One Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. a b c d e f Summoned by Necromancer
  2. a b Summoned by Evoker


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Grim Armor Yes Yes Yes
Mystery Armor No Yes Yes
Thief Armor Yes Yes Yes
Boots of Swiftness Yes Yes Yes
Gong of Weakening No No Yes
Shock Powder Yes Yes Yes
Torment Quiver Yes Yes Yes
Totem of Shielding Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Glaive Yes Yes Yes
Sickles No Yes Yes
Soul Knife Yes Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Bow Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Shortbow Yes Yes Yes


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