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Creeper Woods
Creeper Woods.png

The Creeper Woods is the second location in Minecraft Dungeons. It will always generate a secret upon loading, that if found, grants access to Creepy Crypt.


Hello, mobs. Anyway, we're now in the Creeper Woods, where the player begins their adventures.

Måns Olson on the Creeper Woods

The Creeper Woods is a wooded area that appears much similar to a Forest biome. It contains multiple monoliths, hills, narrow bridges, rope-bridge walkways leading to other monoliths and rivers down below. The area is also shown to be foggy and dim. There are also fungi that light the woods with a odd glow. Captured here is the Village Merchant.

The area also has a spooky feel as there are giant creeper heads and totems as well as a graveyard and various crypts.


A JOURNEY BEGINS... – The Arch-Illager has come to power using the Orb of Dominance, turning the Overworld upside down. Power is collecting in strange places, the undead are stronger and refuse to burn in the sunlight, and Illagers are raiding the countryside! The Illagers capture the defenseless Villagers and move them east, towards their mysterious base in the Redstone Mines. The first step in their ruthless journey starts by going through Creeper Woods, a mob infested maze of tangled roots and branches. Move quickly if you wish to save the Villagers from a terrible fate!

In-game description

By the Arch-Illager's decree, all free folk are now enemies of the Illager Empire. Somewhere in these woods, a caravan is transporting Villager prisoners to labour in far off lands. Find the caravan and stop the Illagers, for there's no telling what dreadful doom will befall our Villager friends.

Opening Cinematic

Near the end of the level, a camp is found which has five villagers trapped in wooden jail cells. The area is full of vindicators, armored vindicators and enchanters that attack the player on sight. Once a villager is freed, it bows in thanks and vanishes. After all five are freed, the player can begin to travel towards the exit.

These villagers are free from the clasp of the Illagers, all thanks to you.



Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Cow Yes Yes Yes
Sheep Yes Yes Yes
Villager Yes Yes Yes
Village Merchant Yes No No
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Armored Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Armored Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Spider Yes Yes Yes
Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Armored Vindicator Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter Yes Yes Yes
Wraith No Yes Yes
Necromancer No No Yes
Vex No Summoned[note 1] Summoned[note 1]
Mini bosses
Enderman No Sometimes Sometimes
Skeleton Horseman No Sometimes Sometimes
Evoker No Sometimes Sometimes
Redstone Golem No No Sometimes
  1. a b Summoned by Evoker


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Gear Drops
Sword Yes Yes Yes
Spear No No Yes
Axe Yes Yes Yes
Bow Yes Yes Yes
Soul Bow No Yes Yes
Hunter's Armor Yes Yes Yes
Wolf Armor Yes Yes Yes
Soul Robe No Yes Yes
Mystery Armor No Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Boots of Swiftness Yes Yes Yes
Death Cap Mushroom Yes Yes Yes
Tasty Bone Yes Yes Yes
Torment Quiver No Yes Yes
  • There are two Inventory Chests, one in the Safe house before the spider cave, and one at the caravan.
  • There are also wooden Emerald Chests that are full of Emeralds. They are often found at the very edges of the woods.
  • There are also Emerald Pots that appear in the darkest corners of the woods.


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