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Cosmetics are equipment that provide no functional benefits to the player. All available cosmetics are obtainable only by the purchasing of DLC packs and equipable from the cosmetics page Filter cosmetic default.png of the inventory.


Capes appear on the back on a player and rise during player movement. The Hero Cape, the Sinister Cape, and the Birthday Cape are the only available capes. The Hero cape is available with the Hero Edition of the game. The Sinister Cape became available for all players on 2/24/2021.[1] The Birthday Cape is obtainable during the Anniversary Event.

Name Image Textures Specular Texture Notes
Hero Cape Hero Cape.png Hero Cape Texture.png Hero Cape Specular Texture.png A cape fit for heroes who are brave enough to face off against the Arch-Illager.

This cape texture has been changed from plain red to have Dungeons logo on it with Update.[2][3]

  • Design idea of this cape was suggested on [Monday September 16th 2019 15:08:13 GMT+0200] on reddit by u/LeeJowReddit.
  • Mojang tweaked the design to their liking.
  • Screenshot of conversation about how the cape design idea was invented.

This cape comes with the Hero Pass.

This version is called "MonstrosityGoldenCape". Originally it was "RedstoneMonstrosityGoldenCape"

Red Royal Cape OGHeroCape.png RedRoyalCape.png RedRoyal Cape Specular Texture.png Old design of the Hero cape. It is classified as a different cape in the game files, it's called "RedRoyalCape".
Hammer Cape HammerCape.png HammerCapeT.png Hammer Cape Specular Texture.png This cape is the mark of blacksmiths and soldiers.

This cape's name in the game files is "HammerCape".

Iron Golem Cape GolemCape.png GolemCapeT.png IronGolem Cape Specular Texture.png The Iron Golem Cape, made to honor the mighty protectors of Villagers, now belongs to you.

Old Description:

This was cape made in memory of the many sacrifices of Iron Golems.

This cape's name in the game files is "IronGolemCape".

It resembles the cape given out at MINECON 2015.

Sinister Cape BlueCape.png BlueCapeT.png Old and torn, this cape struggles to keep up with the wind.

This cape's name in the game files is "SinisterBlueCape".

This cape is a part of Ancient Hunts update released on February 24 2021. This cape was added to the game as "milestone" item for the game reaching 10 milion players on all platforms.[1]

Mystery Cape Mystery Cape Render.png MysteryCapeT.png While no one can decipher its cryptic message, the Mystery Cape seems made for you.

Old Description:

A strange cape.

This cape's name in the game files is "MysteryCape".

It resembles the Sinister Blue Cape but is purple instead of blue and has rune symbols on the back.

Birthday Cape 1stBirthdayCape.png 1stBirthdayCape T.png RedRoyal Cape Specular Texture.png This confectionary-inspired cape will make anyone the hero of the party!

Obtained by completing 7 Anniversary Event Seasonal Trials. [4] [5]

This cape's name in the game files is "Year1Cape".

The cape and the Anniversary Event marks the game's release anniversary. Cape is first available from May 26th, 2021.


Pets are non-attackable mobs that move alongside the player, teleporting when too far, and ignores other mobs. Pets, like other mobs, are able to activate the pressure plates of traps in the environment, such as those in Desert Temple, and have a very rare chance to drop consumables, armor, and weapons upon falling off the map.

These are not to be confused with Summons that can interact with mobs.

Name Image Description Obtaining
Baby Pig
Are the squeals of delight coming from you or this adorable Baby Pig? Your newest pet is so cute you could eat it up! You could, but you probably shouldn't. The Baby Pig was added to the game on February 24, 2021 to celebrate 10 million players of the game. It was free to obtain.[1]
Baby Chicken
Don't take a baby chicken into combat - unless that baby chicken is really cute. Luckily, this one is. Unlocked with the Hero Pass
A parrot makes a perfect companion while traveling the Overworld. Just watch your language. Unlocked with either the Hero Pass or the Jungle Awakens DLC
Arctic Fox
That's one stone-cold arctic fox. No, really - it's cold out there in the snow! Unlocked with either the Hero Pass or the Creeping Winter DLC
Baby Goat
The baby goat is a perfect combination of both cuteness and head-butting skills. Unlocked with either the Season Pass or the Howling Peaks DLC
Baby Ghast
Nothing to cry about here, this Baby Ghast is the best pet ever. Just watch out for accidental fireballs. Unlocked with either the Season Pass or the Flames of the Nether DLC
Baby Turtle
The Baby Turtle is tougher than it looks. True, it doesn't look all that tough to begin with, but it's still tough! Unlocked with either the Season Pass or the Hidden Depths DLC


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Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaSinister Blue Cape.png Red Royal Cape.png Iron Golem Cape.png Hammer Cape.png Added the Sinister Blue, Red Royal, Iron Golem and Hammer capes into the files."Red Royal" cape has been renamed to "Hero" cape. The Hero cape now has a Redstone Monstrosity Face on it. Previously, it was just plain red. Sinister Blue Cape was made obtainable as a part of Ancient Hunts update on Feburary 24, 2021
Mystery Cape.png Added the Mystery Cape. Birthday Cape.png 1st Birthday Cape added.