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Corrupted Cauldron
Corrupted Cauldron.png


The Corrupted Cauldron, also simply known as the Cauldron, is a boss in Minecraft Dungeons. It appears as the final boss in the Soggy Swamp level.


The attack names listed below are unofficial; no official titles have been released.

The Corrupted Cauldron has four abilities.

Cauldron ambush

The Corrupted Cauldron, after a stirring animation, conjures a variety of dangerous mobs to join the battle. Used occasionally.

Cauldron flames

The Corrupted Cauldron creates a ring of purple fire on the mossy stone blocks around it, which deals heavy damage to anything that steps in it. Used occasionally.

Cauldron slimes

The Cauldron can also summon cauldron slimes. They attack with small purple projectiles and eventually disappear after 10 seconds.

Cauldron absorption

If any mob that isn’t a cauldron slime gets killed near the Corrupted Cauldron, the mob’s corpse starts getting sucked towards the cauldron. If the corpse goes inside of the Corrupted Cauldron, the cauldron is healed by 1% of its total health.


Power Min Health
1 720
4 1224
10 1944
16 2952
22 3960
27 5328
33 7128
39 9216
45 11808
51 15192
56 20592
62 27936
68 37728
74 48456
80 62208
86 79848
91 108720
97 147528
103 199872



Corrupted Cauldron Theme Start
Corrupted Cauldron Theme Loop
Corrupted Cauldron Theme End

Corrupted Cauldron[edit]

Bubble Attack
Spin Attack
Attack Voice
Spin Bass Intense
Swallow Bass
Swallow Light Layer
Voice Spin
Wand Spin