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These controls are the defaults, you can change them.

Mouse & Keyboard[]

Default Left-Handed Function
Left click Right click Move
Melee Attack
Right click Left click Ranged Attack
1 8 Use Item No. 1
2 9 Use Item No. 2
3 0 Use Item No. 3
E U Heal
Left ⇧ Shift Right ⇧ Shift Root Player
Spacebar Forward Roll
Thumb Mouse Button Directional Roll
F1 F9 Teleport
F2 F6 Teleport to Friend 1
F3 F7 Teleport to Friend 2
F4 F8 Teleport to Friend 3
T Chat Wheel
Esc Pause Menu
F Friends Menu
M Full Map
Tab ↹ ` Map Overlay
I Open Inventory


Default Function
WindowsXbox OneXbox Series X|SAndroidiOSiPadOS PlayStation 4 PlayStation 5 Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch
Xbox One Xbox Series X|S Full controls Single Joy‑Con
Left analog stick Left analog stick Left analog stick Left analog stick Left stick Left stick/Right stick Move/Aim
A button A button Cross button Cross button A button Right button Melee Attack/Interact
Right trigger Right trigger R2 trigger R2 trigger ZR button SR button Ranged Attack
X button X button Square button Square button Y button Left button Use Item No. 1
Y button Y button Triangle button Triangle button X button Up button Use Item No. 2
B button B button Circle button Circle button B button Down button Use Item No. 3
Left bumper Left bumper L1 button L1 button L button SL button Heal
Right bumper Right bumper R1 button R1 button R button Left stick/Right stick (click) Roll
Right analog stick Right analog stick Right analog stick Right analog stick Right stick N/A Directional Roll
Right analog stick click Right analog stick click Right analog stick click Right analog stick click Right stick (click) N/A Teleport
Left trigger Left trigger L2 trigger L2 trigger ZL button Chat Wheel
Start button Menu button Options button Options button + button Quick

(see below)

Pause Menu
Back button View button Touchpad Touchpad - button Friends Menu
D-Pad down D-Pad down D-Pad down D-Pad down Down button/+Control Pad down Open Map[a]
D-Pad up D-Pad up D-Pad up D-Pad up Up button/+Control Pad up Open Inventory
N/A - button/+ button Quick Actions Menu
  1. Press once to toggle Map Overlay. Press and hold to open Full Map. Map Overlay is not toggleable when using a single Joy-Con.