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A Cinematic is a cutscene in Minecraft Dungeons which is shown at different points in a level.


Cinematics occur in every level in the game.

In a few select levels, however, there are unique pre-rendered cinematics. These appear in:


A cinematic appears at the start of every mission, where a narrator describes the story of the level. There is also a cinematic at the end of the Radiant Ravine, where the volcano erupts. This cinematic is not pre-rendered, nor is the narrator present.

In a few levels, there are unique pre-rendered cinematics similar to the Opening Cinematic[1] and other promotional videos.

Exclusive features[]

These features only appeared in cutscenes and cinematics.

End Illager[]

End Illager.png
Main article: MCD:End Illager

The End Illager (unofficial name) is an Illager seen in the cutscene which is shown when the hero fills all of the end portal frames in The Stronghold with Eyes of Ender. In the cutscene, an End Illager is seen walking around, making the Illusioner’s idle noises. It is also pictured in the Diver's Dozen achievement.

Trader Llama[]

Trader Llama (Dungeons).png
Main article: MCD:Trader Llama

The Trader Llama was a mob that would stand beside the Wandering Trader in its stall. It could not interact with the player in any way. It would occasionally various items stacked on top of it. It was removed alongside the Wandering Trader in the update. It was re-added into the game in the Echoing Void ending cutscene.

Wandering Trader[]

Wandering Trader.png
Main article: MCD:Wandering Trader

The Wandering Trader was a merchant that would sell the player a random artifact for a set amount of emeralds, up to 320 on Apocalypse 7. The items they sold always cost twice as much as ones sold by the Blacksmith. They had a Trader Llama companion in their camp stall. It was removed in version It was re-added into the game in the Echoing Void ending cutscene.