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Chests spawn throughout a level and tend to have a finite amount that the player can check by viewing the map. There are several types of chests that exist in the game and each chest can give the player gear and consumables (with the exception of the lobby chests which only give emeralds).


Common Chest[edit]

The regular common chest that spawns in a level that can gives the player emeralds along with: a bundle of arrows, a potion, or random gear that drops in that level. Has an extremely rare chance to give unique items. A common chest can also be found on the back of the Trader Llama.

Supplies Chest[edit]

The Supplies Chest can be found throughout levels. It gives a bundle of arrows and bread.

Fancy Chest[edit]

A much more uncommon chest that spawns in a level that drops similar loot as the Common Chest but gives the player a guaranteed gear for the level with a very low chance to get a unique variant of the gear. A fancy chest can also be found on top of a Piggy Bank.

Obsidian Chest[edit]

A rare chest that spawns in a level that drops similar loot to the Common Chest but has a guaranteed rare gear drop for the level and an almost guaranteed chance to give the player a unique variant of the gear, and guarantees 200+ emeralds and two consumables once opened. There are usually no more than one that can be found in a single location. There are three in camp. One on the mountain past the nether portal, you need to beat Obsidian Pinnacle first. Two in the church after you unlock ???. It is possible to find one in Squid Coast as long as you've beaten Heart of Ender, but it does not give any items other than sometimes giving a Template:DuItemlink or a Template:DuItemlink if lucky. There is also one in Highblock Halls, but opening it will summon an ambush with Pillagers and Armored Pillagers. There is one that can generate in an open area in the Soggy Swamp. One can be found in the Soggy Cave in an open area at the end of the mission. One can be found in a secret Creepy Crypt-like area in the Pumpkin Pastures and Creeper Woods. Two can be found in the Desert Temple, one always generates in a secret area, but sometimes can't be obtained because of the reverse of the room and another rarely generates after a long off path, a similar off-path obsidian chest can also be found in the Lower Temple as well. There are two that can also be found in the Fiery Forge, one on a bridge in a secret area and another next to three rune pillars in a secret area with a Diamond Sword. One can be found in a large room in the Lone Fortress. One to four can be found in the Crimson Forest on off paths. One can be found in the Windswept Peaks hidden inside a mountain which can be found by activating a door by pressing a button. One can be found in the Gale Sanctum which can only be accessed by rolling off the ledge and pressing a button to activate wind that will make a staircase to the chest. One can be found very rarely within a Gold Room where the regular chests generate. And finally, one can be found in the Woodland Prison in a secret area with a Wisp that leads you to it.

Gear Chest[edit]

A chest that appears after beating any level. It always gives any random Artifact. After Completing a Daily Trial, they can also give a Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Armor, or an artifact, depending on the rewards.

Emerald Chest[edit]

A chest that appears in the player's camp as they complete new levels, they will always give exactly 50 emeralds and stop appearing once the player unlocks the Adventure difficulty.

Gold Chest[edit]

A chest that appears exclusively in Ancient Hunts that will give gold instead of emeralds. They appear in Gold Rooms.

Large Gold Chest[edit]

Gives gold like the Gold Chest, but is larger and gives a little bit more gold.

Emerald Pots[edit]

Clay Emerald Pot[edit]

Drops emeralds when smashed with a weapon.

Iron Emerald Pot[edit]

Gives emeralds, but a bit more than the Clay Emerald Pot. It comes in three color variations.



Chest Appear
Chest Close
Chest Wood Open
Chest Wood Open Simple

Gold Chests[edit]

Gold Chest Open Foley
Gold Chest Open Piglin
Gold Chest Shimmer

Emerald Urns[edit]

Urn Break

Misson End Chest[edit]

Chest Idle
Chest Land
Chest Open
Chest Stutter


Fancy That! More For Me


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