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The Camp, also known as the Lobby is the hub area in Minecraft Dungeons. All missions are accessed from this location, and the hero can interact with the Blacksmith, Luxury Merchant, Mystery Merchant, Village Merchant, Gift Wrapper and Piglin Merchant. A hero leveling up also finds Emerald Chests that spawn around the map, with each chest giving the hero 50 emeralds. This kind of chests will be unobtainable as long as the hero unlocks the Adventure difficulty.


After clearing Squid Coast, it was known that it was too late. The heroes then set up camp just outside the village. This is where the heroes return after completing each mission.

As the hero progresses through the game and rescues villagers, several villagers will set up their shops and trade with the hero, giving weapons, artifacts, power boosts and even swapping items with other heroes.








Emerald Chest

There are several Emerald Chests around the campsite, and more appear as heroes complete missions. The chests stop appearing once the hero advances into Adventure Mode.

Mission Select

Heroes can select a mission by using the map that lies between the two trading areas, or by pressing the "Map" button (Default M/D-pad Down) while inside the camp. The map shows which missions have been completed or have not been attempted. By clicking on a mission, heroes can view the level of difficulty, weapon drops, and artifacts that may be obtained.

Obsidian Chest

There's an obsidian chest on the mountain behind the broken nether portal and two obsidian chests in the room where heroes unlock ???.

Ruined Nether Portal

Behind the Church, there is a Ruined Portal that is covered in stone-like blocks. There are somewhat broken soft Nether Portal noises that can be heard from it.


Camp Music
Nether Cave Music


Happy Camper