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In Minecraft Dungeons, a boss is a hostile mob that appears near the end of a level during a boss battle. Out of the 34 total locations in Minecraft Dungeons, 17 of them have bosses, out of these levels, 8 have their own unique bosses. Usually, only 1 final boss can spawn at each level, but 2 can spawn in the Obsidian Pinnacle, the Colossal Rampart, the Crimson Forest and the Woodland Mansion. 3 bosses can sometimes spawn in the Basalt Deltas.


  • Main bosses:
    • Corrupted Cauldron — A giant, corrupted, and living cauldron in the Soggy Swamp.
    • Redstone Monstrosity — A monstrous stone-and-redstone machine built in the Fiery Forge along with the Redstone Golem. It is a boss variant of the Redstone Golem using similar attacks.
    • Nameless One — A large skeleton and stronger variant of the Necromancer. It wears a crown of some unknown material over a robe and a belt. It has glowing dark green eyes and has robes with green translucent smoke coming out from underneath it, as it has no legs. It lives in an ancient Desert Temple along with various other undead mobs. It also has a staff with a green orb on the top.
    • Arch-Illager — An Illager with a sideways head. Appears in all levels to summon Ambushes and Bosses, but isn't attackable until the Obsidian Pinnacle is reached where he can be fought.
    • Heart of Ender — A large creature similar to an Enderman with 6 tentacle-looking arms. It is created after the Arch-Illager is sucked inside the Orb. It is the final boss in the main game, not counting those found in the DLCs or the secret boss.
  • DLC bosses:
    • Jungle Abomination — A large plant monster made up of various objects ranging from plant matter to debris. It helped spread the Orb's powers by creating other plant-like monsters like the Whisperer and the Leapleaf. It resides in the Overgrown Temple.
    • Wretched Wraith — A Wraith corrupted by the Orb which made it bigger and possesses an ice crown that features the Orb piece floating on its tip. Caused the Creeping Winter. It homes itself within a Lone Fortress.
    • Tempest Golem — A large Squall Golem with a large purple stud on its forehead and contains the Orb around its waist, protected by two small legs with shields, and has big golden swords as hands in which it can summon lightning and winds. Resides within the Gale Sanctum.
  • Secret bosses:
    • Mooshroom Monstrosity — A mechanical mob made of stone and redstone patches, as well as mushroom spores, sprouting out of the it's body. It is a variant of the Redstone Monstrosity, however, this boss has much more health. This boss has the most health out of all of them.
  • Unused bosses
    • Wildfire — a large blaze like mob that would have likely spawned in the Nether Fortress level. It is unused and won't spawn naturally in game.


Other bosses[edit]

Some miniboss mobs can spawn as a boss at specific levels.

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