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In Minecraft Dungeons, a boss is a hostile mob that appears near the end of location during a boss battle. Out of the thirty seven total locations in Minecraft Dungeons, Ten of them have bosses. Usually, only one final boss can spawn at each level, but two can spawn in the Obsidian Pinnacle. The Flames of the Nether is the only DLC without bosses, because the Orb of Dominance is not included in that DLC.


Mainland bosses

Bosses accessible in the Mainland continent in the game.

DLC bosses

Bosses exclusive to the Island Realms or Other Dimensions in the game.

Arcade bosses

Bosses exclusive to the Arcade version of the game.


Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaEvoker (Dungeons).png Enderman (Dungeons).png Added Endermen and Evokers. Cauldron.png Redstone Golem.png Nameless One.png Redstone Monstrosity.png Arch-Illager.png Heart of Ender.png Mooshroom Monstrosity.png Added the corrupted cauldron, redstone Golems, the nameless one, the redstone monstrosity, the arch-illager, the heart of ender and the mooshroom monstrosity. Abomination.png Added the jungle abomination. (Dungeons).png Wretched Wraith.pngAdded illusioners and the wretched wraith. Golem.pngAdded the tempest golem. (Dungeons).pngAdded ghasts. Guardian (Dungeons).png Skeleton Horseman Longbow Equiped.png Drowned Necromancer.pngAncient Guardian.pngAdded elder guardians, skeleton horsemen, drowned necromancers, and the ancient guardian. Heart of Ender.png Eyesent.png Added Endersent and the vengeful heart of ender.
Evokers, Endermen, Redstone Golems, Skeleton Horsemen, Illusioners, Ghasts, Drowned Necromancers, Elder Guardians, and Endersent no longer appear as bosses.


  • The developers posted on Twitter various different titles and names each boss has.[1]


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DLC Bosses[]

Bosses from Arcade[]

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