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Bonus Shot
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Enchantment common icon.png Common

Applicable to

Ranged weapon



Firing a shot also fires a second shot at a nearby enemy. The second shot has reduced damage.

In-game description

Bonus Shot is an enchantment in Minecraft Dungeons that, upon firing a bow, also fires a second shot toward a nearby enemy. The second shot always deals less damage than the primary shot. The amount of damage the second arrow deals increases with each tier.


Tier Effect Cost
I 10% damage per shot 1 Enchantment Point
II 17% damage per shot 2 Enchantment Points
III 24% damage per shot 3 Enchantment Points


  • Bonus Shot fires an immediate second shot if there is more than one mob within the player's range, providing the extra shot with all of the allotted ranged enchantments of your fired weapon.
  • Bonus Shot synergizes well with: Multishot, Chain Reaction, Ricochet, Wild Rage, and any other enchantment that would be buffed by an immediate second shot.


  • If only one mob is in player proximity, Bonus Shot is not activated, making it useless against single entity bosses.