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Upgrades items while you complete missions.

In-game description

The blacksmith is a camp merchant that can upgrade the hero's items. It appears in the camp after being rescued by the hero in Redstone Mines.


The blacksmith resembles the original game's armorer villager, however, the eyes covers on the mask are bright purple, the metal mask is now covering their eyes, and the apron has a bright purple pattern in the middle. The clothing does not have sleeves. The captured blacksmith appears similar to the blacksmith, though its mask is shown to be be above the eyes, revealing green eyes.



The blacksmith can upgrade items in exchange for emeralds. To do this, the hero must sacrifice the item to the blacksmith. After completing three missions, the hero gets the upgraded weapon. The power level of the upgraded item is determined by the difficulty of the three missions the hero completed as well as the hero's power level while being upgraded. Although all enchantments on the item are removed, the choices of available enchantments are the same as those of the original item. If enchantment points were spent on that item before, the hero receives them all back after sacrificing item to the Blacksmith.

The number of emeralds required to upgrade an item depends on its rarity, costing the least with common items, and costing the most with gilded items. Gilded items cost about three times as much as the same gear without being gilded. The number of Emeralds also depends on the type of the item, costing the most with artifacts, and also dependent on how many times the item has been upgraded before.

Captured blacksmith[]

Captured Blacksmith
Armorer (Dungeons).png


The captured blacksmith is the version of the blacksmith held in captivity within the Redstone Mines. When the heroes free it, they can access the regular blacksmith in the camp.


The captured blacksmith appears like the blacksmith, however, the mask is shown to be be above the eyes, revealing that the blacksmith has green eyes.

The old texture is currently used for the captured blacksmith when heroes free it from its captivity in the Redstone Mines.



Prior to the Creeping Winter update, the captured blacksmith was a merchant who would sell heroes a random weapon or armor set that would be equivalent to their power level, it would be in the camp along with the wandering trader, who would sell artifacts. It would appear in the hero's camp after beating the Creeper Woods mission. It was overhauled in the Creeping Winter update and was made to upgrade items instead of giving them, along with its appearance being changed. Its original functionality has been replaced by the mystery merchant.


Haggle (hero asks for trade)
"No" (cancel the trade)
"Yes" (accept the trade)
Random gear open (from blacksmith)


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Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons Beta

Armorer (Dungeons).pngAdded the blacksmith.

The blacksmith used to have different functionality, it was used to sell random items in exchange for emeralds instead of upgrading them.
The blacksmith used to be unlocked after the hero completes the Creeper Woods.

The blacksmith no longer sells random items.

The blacksmith got a new functionality, it upgrades the hero's items in exchange for emeralds and 3 missions completed.
The blacksmith is no longer unlocked by completing the Creeper Woods, instead, the hero must find and free them in a specific location inside of within the Redstone Mines.
Dungeons Blacksmith.png The texture of the blacksmith in the camp has been changed. However, its old texture is still used in the Redstone Mines.

Just before retrieving an item after an upgrade, the possible power range is now visible.

Once an item reaches a certain power level, it is now required to play through missions on higher difficulty levels to upgrade the item further.
If the blacksmith can upgrade the item, the item always gets at least +1 power level after upgrading.


  • The captured blacksmith armorer texture from the base game is still used in the Redstone Mines mission when the hero frees the blacksmith.
  • In a video on the Minecraft Dungeons twitter page, a blacksmith is seen struggling to drag the stormlander.[1]
  • The blacksmith is described as "patient and dedicated".[2]