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Battle Robe
Battle Robe (MCD).png

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Common Common Rare Rare

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The Battle Robe is worn by the distinguished Illager Evokers of the Arch-Illager's court.

In-game description

The Battle Robe is an armor set in Minecraft Dungeons. Its unique variant is the Splendid Robe.


Listed difficulties are considered to be the minimum difficulty, the item is obtainable on unless stated otherwise.


Ancient Mobs:


  • +X health
  • -40% artifact cooldown
  • +30% melee damage


The Battle Robe can be considered an upgrade to the Evocation Robe, providing 30% increased attack damage rather than 15% increased speed. It's best used with Cool Down to provide a total of -45.25% artifact cooldown time. It also works well with the Death Cap Mushroom since it boosts melee speed and movement speed, and the Battle Robe both makes it recharge quicker, and allows more damage in tandem with the mushroom.


Power Min Health Max Health
1 0 3
5 13 17
10 33 37
15 57 63
20 87 94
25 124 132
30 168 178
35 223 235
40 290 305
45 372 390
50 473 495
55 596 623
60 747 780
65 931 973
70 1158 1208
75 1435 1497
80 1774 1850
85 2190 2283
90 2700 2814
95 3324 3463
100 4088 4259
105 5025 5236
108 5685 5921


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Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaBattle Robe (MCD gear).png Added the Battle Robe. now be sold by the new Camp merchants.
Can now be found in the Frosted Fjord level as part of the Creeping Winter DLC. now drop in the Colossal Rampart in the Howling Peaks DLC. now drop in Ancient Hunts from the Ancient Mob the Abominable Weaver.