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Ghast (Dungeons)
This page describes content that is a part of the Flames of the Nether DLC. 

The Basalt Deltas is a mission in the Flames of the Nether DLC of Minecraft Dungeons. It can be unlocked from completing the Nether Wastes. This mission generates a scroll that, if found, grants access to the Nether Fortress mission.


VOLCANIC PATHWAYS Deep within the Nether, there are the Basalt Deltas, a violent and volcanic region where lava flows in abundance. Your safe passage relies on moving platforms from an unknowable time, trusting that their secretive sources of power will carry you safely to your destination.

In-game story


Your journey now takes you to the Basalt Deltas, a volatile wilderness of flowing lava and rough terrain. You’ll have to rely on ancient technology to grant you safe passage across the lava... just make sure you don’t look down.

Opening Cinematic


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Mobs and entities[]


Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Piggy Bank Yes Yes Yes
Blaze Yes Yes Yes
Fungus Thrower Yes Yes Yes
Magma Cube Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Yes Yes Yes
Piglin Hunter Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Archer Yes Yes Yes
Ghast Yes Yes Yes
Raid Captain Yes Yes Yes
Wildfire Yes Yes Yes


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Piglin Armor No Yes Yes
Scale Mail Yes Yes Yes
Spinblade Yes Yes Yes
Totem of Regeneration Yes Yes Yes
Wonderful Wheat Yes Yes Yes
Apple Yes Yes Yes
Arrow Bundle Yes Yes Yes
Bread Yes Yes Yes
Pork Yes Yes Yes
Shadow Brew Yes Yes Yes
Strength Potion Yes Yes Yes
Swiftness Potion Yes Yes Yes
TNT Yes Yes Yes
Melee Gear
Glaive Yes Yes Yes
Katana Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only Daily Trials Only
Ranged Gear
Cog Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Trickbow No No Yes