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Ghast (Dungeons)
This page describes content that is a part of the Flames of the Nether DLC. 

Nothing to cry about here, this Baby Ghast is the best pet ever. Just watch out for accidental fireballs.

In-game description

The baby ghast is a cosmetic pet that can be found within the flames of the nether DLC of Minecraft Dungeons.


The baby ghast is a small juvenile ghast that has a translucent body with red eyes, small mouth and tentacles, and a red heart beating inside.




The baby ghast is purely cosmetic and does not attack any mobs. It becomes invisible when the hero is away and visible when they are close.



Baby Ghast Presents: The Illager’s New Robes[]

I tried my best to convince the Baby Ghast to reveal its roots. I tried begging. Pleading. Cookie-shaped bribes. Assuring it that this request was not wig-related. But that last one really backfired on me, literally. However, after a few hours and one staring contest, I did manage to get a story out of the Baby Ghast. We sat around an accidental campfire, the guest of honor may or may not have burped, and I was told a tale that the Baby Ghast claimed had been passed down for generations. Is there a nugget of truth in it? Who’s to say, that Baby Ghast has a stoic poker face. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, my apologies for not being able to punctuate with a baby fireball.

Sofia Dankis, author of Baby Ghast Presents: The Illager’s New Robes

Baby Ghast Presents: The Illager’s New Robes is a short story set within Minecraft Dungeons. It is authored by Sofia Dankis and was published on Minecraft.net on September 27, 2021.[1]


Around a campfire, the baby ghast tells a tale that it claims had been passed down for generations. The baby ghast begins the story by introducing a group of powerful illagers who lived deep within the Pumpkin Pastures, terrorizing villages and defeating heroes.

One night, an unnamed evoker stumbles upon an unnamed hero wandering the land with a baby ghast. The evoker prepares to attack the hero, only for the hero to surprise attack the evoker first before making their escape.

Upon returning to the lair, the evoker argues with the other illagers about the incident before retreating to ponder in peace upon what makes this specific hero different from other heroes. They quickly come to the realization that the baby ghast must be the answer due to never seeing one before.

The evoker leaves their lair for a few days, in search of the baby ghast to study it. Upon finding both the hero and the baby ghast, the evoker comes to the conclusion that the red core must be the cause of the baby ghast’s terrifying appearance. They then begin to imagine the possible advantage of combining that terrifying appearance with their own large size.

The evoker immediately set to work in the lair, comparing the various stitching in the battle robe to their evocation robe and using the patterns in the splendid robe. So as to not disturb the evoker, the other illagers busied themselves with spreading terror and capturing villagers.

When the evoker finished creating their new robes, they showed off their see-through creation through spectacle. It is at this point when the baby ghast telling the tale provides a description of the robes themselves, describing them as being “a bright white with a red square pattern stitched into the midsection,” and that they “were opulent, but opaque.” Fearing the evoker’s large size, the other illagers refrained from giving feedback and instead voiced admiration of the robes, convinced that they could now capture more villagers than ever before.

Encouraged by the other illager’s admiration, the evoker sets out to terrify villagers and their pets with their new see-through appearance. The evoker is so engrossed with capturing villagers that they are ambushed by the very same hero and baby ghast from before. Despite quickly recovering from the shock, the evoker lets their ego get the better of them, feeling as though their new robes would terrify the hero, but instead it provides the hero with the advantage.

When the evoker’s intended effect fails and the hero frees all of the villagers, the evoker ponders whether they did something wrong during the creation of the robes as they were admired by the other illagers. The evoker’s pondering is rewarded with an answer when the baby ghast reveals to them it’s ability to fade in and out of invisibility. The evoker realizes then that without the baby ghast’s translucent elusiveness, the “red square pattern stitched into the midsection,” made them an obvious target rather than a invisible opponent.

Upon returning to the lair, the evoker changes back into their own robes and discards the new robes. While the evoker and the other illagers never mentioned the incident with the new robes in stories, it was told and re-told across many generations, with many changes being made and details being lost. Despite this, the moral of the story survived in that “no matter what you’re wearing, your true colors will always shine through.”


Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Baby Ghast BabyGhastFace No
Captured Villagers VillagerFace No Villager
Other Illagers Vindicator&PillagerFace (Dungeons) No Illager
Unnamed Evoker EvokerFace (Dungeons) Yes Illager
Unnamed Hero Unknown Hero Yes Hero


Name Icon Exclusive Classifications
Baby Ghast-fit
Yes Armor
Battle Robe Battle Robe (MCD) No Armor
Evocation Robe Evocation Robe (MCD) No Armor
Splendid Robe Splendid Robe (MCD) No Armor

Data values[]

  • In the game files, the baby ghast is referred to internally by the name BabyGhast.


Minecraft Dungeons
February 7, 2021The baby ghast is first seen within the camp following the hero, Skelly, into an undiscovered cave with an inviting purple glow.[2]
February 12, 2021The baby ghast is briefly mentioned within the Minecraft Dungeons Diaries for the flames of the nether DLC. GhastAdded the baby ghast.


  • The baby ghast is seen within a Twitter video shooting one small fireball at the village merchant, despite not being able to shoot fireballs in-game.[3]