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ARTIFACTS – These rare objects are imbued with mysterious powers and are awarded to you each time you complete a level. Artifacts can also be found in black and silver loot chests. They are best used in moments of dire need – when you're swarmed or facing a malevolent boss mob.

Guide to Minecraft Dungeons:
A Handbook for Heroes

The term artifact refers to a category of items that can equipped by the hero to temporarily summon pets, enhance, or heal themselves, or attack and weaken mobs. The hero can have three artifacts equipped at any one time.

There are currently 44 known artifacts. This includes a single Unique, the Corrupted Pumpkin. All are obtainable except for the Totem of Soul Protection.


Artifacts are obtainable from the Mystery Merchant, Luxury Merchant and Village Merchant at Camp, during Missions from obsidian chests and Piggy Banks, and when mission is completed.


Cooldown Sequence

Artifacts have a cooldown period between uses, during which they cannot be used, unequipped, or switched with a different Artifact from the inventory. Artifact cooldowns are independent from one another and not shared: equipping two Corrupted Beacons and using one will only initiate a cooldown on the one that was used.
Cooldowns can be reduced by equipping armor with cooldown reduction properties, such as the Evocation Robe and its unique variants, or enchanting armor with Cool Down. Cooldown Shot can also be used to trim down cooldown time on artifacts that are already on cooldown.

Damaging Artifacts[]

Artifacts that output damage to mobs with no other notable affects.

Icon Name
Internal ID
Unique DLC exclusive Soul requiring Properties Obtainable location[1] Ancient Hunt Runes
Corrupted Beacon (MCD).png No
  • +1 Soul Gathering.

Summons a purple beam that deals damage to all mobs in it's path. 2.5 seconds cooldown

Updraft Tome (MCD).png No Howling Peaks Sends six mobs into the air, and then releases them, dealing fall damage.
Harvester (MCD).png No Creates a giant explosion near the player, consuming souls and dealing heavy damage.
  • +1 Soul Gathering.
Lightning Rod (MCD).png No Summons a lightning bolt to attack the enemy at the cost of souls.
  • +1 Soul Gathering.
Scatter Mines (MCD).png No Howling Peaks Summons three mines, which denotate upon contact. Similar to Redstone Golem's Mines
Blast Fungus (MCD).png No Flames of the Nether Shoots three blast fungus, which automatically denotate.
Spinblade (MCD).png No Flames of the Nether Ricochets off mobs, damaging them and eventually returning to the player.
Eye of the Guardian (MCD).png No Hidden Depths Fires a continuous laser beam at mobs, similar to the Corrupted Beacon and Corrupted Pumpkin, but doesn’t use souls and can only stay active for a limited time.

Spooky Fall
Corrupted Pumpkin (MCD).png Yes
  • +1 Soul Gathering
  • Special Event Item

Status-Inflicting Artifacts[]

Artifacts that apply an Status Effect or similar on mobs such as Stunned or Poisoned.

Icon Name
Internal ID
Unique DLC exclusive Soul requiring Properties Obtainable location[1] Ancient Hunt Runes
Corrupted Seeds (MCD).png No Jungle Awakens
  • 8 Targets Maximum
  • Briefly Entangles Mobs
  • Poisons Entangled Mobs
  • Applies Poisoned
Fishing Rod (MCD).png No
Gong of Weakening (MCD).png No This gong reduces the amount of damage and health of the mobs around it.
Ice Wand (MCD).png No Creeping Winter
Love Medallion (MCD).png No Turns up to three mobs near you into allies for ten seconds, then kills them. Mobs that have been charmed by this artifact also gain a damage boost when turning on other mobs. The damage of the mobs increased is directly proportional to the item's power level.
Satchel of Elements (MCD).png No Howling Peaks
Shock Powder (MCD).png No

Quivers and Arrow Artifacts[]

Artifacts providing a set number of special ammo that can be consumed by using Ranged Weapons. Infinity-enchanted Ranged Weapons will function on artifact provided ammo. Like normal arrows, they are effect by Ranged Weapons enchantments and can be boosted by armor that boosts ammo damage or artifact damage.

Icon Name
Internal ID
Unique DLC exclusive Soul requiring Properties Obtainable location[1] Ancient Hunt Runes
Fireworks Arrow (MCD).png No Gives 1 fireworks arrow

Explodes on impact.

30 second cooldown

Flaming Quiver (MCD).png No
  • Gives 7 burning arrows
  • Applies Burning
  • 30 second cooldown
Torment Quiver (MCD).png No
  • Gives 3 slow arrows
  • +1 Soul Gathering
  • Increased Knockback
  • Arrows pass through walls
  • Costs 30 souls

6 second cooldown

Thundering Quiver (MCD).png No Flames of the Nether
  • Gives 5 thundering arrows
  • Electrified Arrows
  • 30 second cooldown
Harpoon Quiver (MCD).png No Hidden Depths
  • Gives 5 harpoon arrows
  • Arrows pierce through mobs
  • Arrows work underwater
  • 30 second cooldown
T VoidQuiver Icon.png No Echoing Void
  • Gives 5 void touched arrows
  • Void Arrows
  • 25 second cooldown

Summoning Artifacts[]

Pet spawning artifacts that can damage and distract mobs. More summons can be spawned from the same artifact during a Daily Trial with an increased Pet Count.

Icon Name
Internal ID
Unique DLC exclusive Soul requiring Properties Obtainable location[1] Ancient Hunt Runes
Buzzy Nest (MCD).png No
Enchanted Grass (MCD).png Enchanted Grass No
Golem Kit (MCD).png No
Soul Lantern (MCD).png No
Tasty Bone (MCD).png No
Vexing Chant (MCD).png No Echoing Void
Wonderful Wheat (MCD).png No

Agility Artifacts[]

These increase movement speed, attack speed or cause the player to roll when used.

Icon Name
Internal ID
Unique DLC exclusive Soul requiring Properties Obtainable location[1] Ancient Hunt Runes
Boots of Swiftness (MCD).png No Applies Swiftness

5 Second Cooldown

Death Cap Mushroom (MCD).png Death Cap Mushroom No Greatly increase attack and movement speed.

30 second cooldown

Ghost Cloak (MCD).png No Gives player Ghost Form, increasing speed and defense for a short time.

6 second cooldown

Light Feather (MCD).png No
  • Activates Rolling and triggers mobs to be pushed back and stunned.
  • 3 second cooldown

Defensive, Healing, and Cooperative Artifacts[]

These heal or apply beneficial affects upon the user or surrounding players, pets, or even .

Icon Name
Internal ID
Unique DLC exclusive Soul requiring Properties Obtainable location[1] Ancient Hunt Runes
Enchanter's Tome (MCD).png No Howling Peaks Applies Double Damage, Fast Attack, or Quick to nearby allies.
Iron Hide Amulet (MCD).png No Applies Defense

25 second cooldown

T ShadowSplinter Icon.png No Echoing Void Grants the user Shadow Form
  • +1 Soul Gathering.
Soul Healer (MCD).png No Heals the most

injured nearby, including the user, at the cost of souls.

  • +1 Soul Gathering.
Tome of Duplication (MCD).png No Echoing Void Creates a copy of the last consumable used by the player.

30 second cooldown

Totem of Regeneration (MCD).png No Creates a healing aura, which gradually heals players inside.

30 second cooldown

Totem of Shielding (MCD).png No Protects player and allies in range from projectiles.
Satchel of Elixirs (MCD).png No Hidden Depths Crafts two random potions that can benefit the player.

30 second cooldown

Satchel of Snacks (MCD).png No Hidden Depths Crafts a random food item that can benefit the player.

20 second cooldown

Wind Horn (MCD).png No Pushes enemies away and slows them briefly.
Powershaker (MCD).png No Flames of the Nether Applies an effect similar to Exploding.

8 second cooldown

Unobtainable Artifacts[]

Icon Name
Internal ID
Unique DLC exclusive Soul requiring Properties Obtainable location
Totem of Soul Protection (MCD).png Totem of Soul Protection No
  • +1 Soul Gathering.

Creates a square area around the player, reviving and stopping players from suffering a fatal blow. 1 second cooldown



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Note: Add bug fixes from Flames of the Nether and Hidden Depths.
Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons Beta
  • Added Corrupted Seeds
  • Changed summoned pets health -50%, damage reduction = 50%, attack damage +10%, Llama attack speed +15%, Iron Golem health +25%, Wolf movement speed + 15%, Harvester soul cost 25 -> 40, cooldown 1s -> 4s, max damage +60% , Lightning Rod soul cost 10 -> 15, cooldown 0s -> 2s, radius 300 -> 350, damage per soul 30 -> 60, max damage +50%, Soul Healer soul cost 20 -> 50, cooldown 1s -> 5s, healing allies spark start speed +100% and acceleration +150%, Healing per soul 10 -> 4, Torment Quiver cooldown 1s -> 6s, soul cost 10 -> 30
  • Removed variable soul cost
  • Fixed sound effects for some artifacts not playing when encountering large groups of mobs, artifacts hovering over weapon and armor slots on the Inventory screen, Flaming Quiver, Torment Quiver, and Fireworks Arrow overlaps with arrows on the Heads-up Display, corrupted Fireworks Arrow animation


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