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Armored Vindicator
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Natural equipment

An armored vindicator is a hostile mob and an armored variant of the Vindicator that appears on most levels in Minecraft Dungeons.


Armored vindicators have two variants, one is a vindicator that has a hornless metal helmet, gold buttons, purple pants, and wields a double axe, the other is a vindicator that has a horned metal helmet, diamond buttons, blue pants and wields a Whirlwind, in addition to being larger (2.7 blocks).



Armored vindicators are hostile toward players on sight, and rush toward a player. When attacking, the armored vindicator raises its main hand, brandishing a double axe or Whirlwind. The diamond variant has higher health and damage. While not attacking, the armored vindicator lowers its arms and weapon and looks around for threats. These illagers have a larger health pool and will hit the player repeatedly even when being attacked.

Like diamond armored pillagers, diamond armored vindicators are not stunned by normal attack damage except some artifacts and any weapon with the Stunning enchantment.


(In other versions, this may not be 100% accurate)

Power Min Health for Gold Min Health for Diamond
1 36 54
4 61.2 91.8
10 97.2 145.8
16 147.6 221.4
22 198 297
27 266.4 399.6
33 356.4 534.6
39 460.8 691.2
45 590.4 885.6
51 759.6 1139.4
56 1029.6 1544.4
62 1396.8 2095.2
68 1886.4 2829.6
74 2422.8 3634.2
80 3110.4 4665.6
86 3992.4 5998.6
91 5436 8154
97 7376.4 11064.6
103 9993.6 14990.4


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  • The noises of the Whirlwind axe can be heard when an armored vindicator attacks.



Minecraft Dungeons
Dungeons BetaArmored Vindicator with weapon.pngArmored Vindicator 2 with weapon.png Added the armored vindicator. new "taunt circle + lock" behavior for Armored Vindicators.
Reduced charge speed.
Reduced melee ticks to 2 (was 3).
Added behavior which makes them go aggressive when hurt when standing in taunt circle.
They now get locked on the player if they run away > 15 blocks.


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