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Armored Skeleton
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Natural equipment

An armored skeleton is a slightly rare and stronger type of skeleton found in Minecraft Dungeons.


Armored skeletons resemble unarmored skeletons, but are slightly taller than average. They noticeably have more health due to their armor. They have two variants, one with a power bow and one with a longbow. They also wear reinforced mail, which can appear wearing either both helmet and chestplate or just helmet. In the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade game, a third variant spawns exclusively there where they instead use melee weapons for melee damage.


Armored skeletons spawn when night falls, regardless of location, when at least one hero dies in multiplayer.


Armored skeletons are hostile towards heroes and will shoot them on sight, just like their normal, non-armored counterparts.

Melee Armored Skeleton[]

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Melee Armored Skeleton
Melee Armored Skeleton.png
Melee Armored Skeleton2.png


Natural equipment

A Melee Armored Skeleton [unofficial name] is a melee variant of the normal armored skeleton that spawns exclusively in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.


The Melee Armored Skeleton is seen having two variants. The weaker variant wears a Scale Mail chestplate and holds a single Dagger in reverse grip while the stronger variant also wears a Scale Mail chestplate but with an additional reinforced mail helmet and holds a Sword.



Melee Armored Skeletons are hostile towards heroes and will attack them on sight, just like their normal, bow wielding counterparts.


Power Min Health for Non-Chesplated Min Health for Chestplated
1 20 52.8
4 34 89.76
10 54 142.56
16 82 216.48
22 110 290.4
27 148 390.72
33 198 522.72
39 256 675.84
45 328 865.92
51 422 1114.08
56 572 1510.08
62 776 2048.64
68 1048 2766.72
74 1346 3553.44
80 1728 4561.92
86 2218 5855.52
91 3020 7972.8
97 4098 10818.72
103 5552 14657.28


Novelty Spin


The arena where the Barrage is summoned and battled at.

The Ancient Hunts.png Barrage is the ancient variant of the armored skeleton encountered during Ancient Hunts with the minimum offering of the following runes:

The ancient resides within a Highblock Halls exterior-themed arena and possesses, at minimum, the following enchantments:

20 Enchanted skeletons act as the ancient's minions, possessing the following enchantments:

Upon defeating the Barrage, a gilded variant of the following items will drop as a reward:


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