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This page describes content that is a part of the Howling Peaks DLC. 
Armored Mountaineer
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Natural equipment


The Armored Mountaineer is an illager and hostile mob with a Mountaineer Pick, found in the Howling Peaks DLC and is the armored variant of the Mountaineer.


The Armored Mountaineer comes in two variants, the black variant wears a black hood with gold buttons and is seen wearing a green backpack, an olive belt, and black pants. The red variant wears a reddish hood with an open coat with leather armor and wears leather boots and a brown sash around the chest and has diamond buttons. In beta versions, there was also a pink variant that wore a pink hood with an open coat with buttons and white accents around the edges and wears dark-greyish boots and a brown sash around its chest, this variant was replaced by the red variant and currently is the Rampart Captain's skin. They are often seen carrying a Mountaineer Pick in which they use in their attacks. The black variant possesses light-green eyes, and the red variant possesses black eyes like the Arch-Illager.


Armored Mountaineers behave like normal mountaineers do, running up to the player and attacking them via melee, with their picks. When in contact with wind, they place their picks down into the ground to avoid being pushed off. They have better stats than the normal variant though.

Unlike the Diamond Armored Vindicator and the Diamond Armored Pillager, both armored mountaineers can be stunned by normal attack.


Attack New
Death New
Hurt New
Idle New

Unused Armored Mountaineer[edit]

Unused Armored Mountaineer
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Natural equipment

Diamond Mountaineer Pick (unobtainable)

The unused Armored Mountaineer, also known as Pink Armored Mountaineer is an unused variant that only appeared in the DLC's beta version. It's outfit is similar to the Rampart Captain.


  • As with the Armored Vindicator and Pillager, Armored Mountaineers also have gold and diamond variants.
  • The Armored Mountaineer is the only illager soldiers that don't have blue eyes, and one of the few that doesn't work for the Arch-Illager. They are also the only mob, where the variants all have different eye colors.
  • The Rampart Captain is a Diamond Armored Mountaineer, but with an Ominous Banner and without the leather armor.


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October 3, 2020Howling Peaks announced during Minecraft Live 2020, with the release date set to be somewhere in December 2020. textures and sound files for the Armored Mountaineer into the game, currently unused. Mountaineer.png Added the Armored Mountaineer.