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Armored End Vindicator
Armored End Vindicator.png

Unknown (Presumably Hostile)

An armored End vindicator (unofficial name) is an illager seen in the cutscene which is shown when the player fills all the end portal frames in The Stronghold with Eyes of Ender. It is an armored variant of the End vindicator. In the cutscene, an armored End vindicator is seen in the background of an End illager.


An armored End vindicator is seen in the background with an outfit reminiscent of the gold armored vindicator, the difference being that it wears greyish buttons instead of gold, and wears blue leggings instead of purple. Like the End vindicator, it does not wield a weapon.



Armored End vindicators are only shown to be able to walk around idly. Nothing is known about their attacks or their general behavior.


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Minecraft Dungeons cutscene at the end of The Stronghold shows the Armored End Vindicator walking around the background of the End Wilds after being teleported.