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For the mobs that spawn during boss fights, see MCD:Boss Summons.
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An arena battle, also known as an ambush for short, is a battle between mobs and heroes.


Arena battles occur in every location in the game except for ???. Some locations have boss ambushes which spawn minibosses. Those locations include:


Arena battles operate differently from boss fights, where arena battles spawn a lot more weaker mobs than sometimes a boss. The battle format also differs from boss fights, where it usually spawns in waves, such as the one in the Pumpkin Pastures. The battles usually start out with several weak mobs. Over time, the waves of mobs get stronger until the battle ends, or when the boss appears. No matter what, battles always spawn mobs from the mission it takes place in.

There are also similarities between arena battles and boss fights. They are both triggered by certain events like heroes entering an arena, such as the Redstone Mines battle, or by pressing a trigger, such as the bell in the Pumpkin Pastures. Some other triggers include buttons, levers, and pillars.

There is a chance for these ambushes to have mini bosses. There are five missions where ambushes spawn two minibosses: the Basalt Deltas, the Crimson Forest, the Woodland Mansion, The Stronghold, and the End Wilds. So far, it isn't possible to have arena battles that spawn three bosses apart from within Ancient Hunts. Another similarity between arena battles and boss fights is that they have their own special music. They can also both be started by the Arch-Illager, the Jungle Abomination, the wretched wraith, the tempest golem, the ancient guardian and the Vengeful Heart of Ender. Each of them have their own summoning animation. The Arch-Illager teleports in, summons an ambush, and then teleports out. The jungle abomination, wretched wraith, tempest golem and ancient guardian just roar to summon an ambush, producing their own effects while doing so. The Vengeful Heart of Ender often crawls near the hero making hissing sounds to summon an ambush.

Battles are also usually announced by the game, such as boss fights. When arena battles end, they usually spawn chests that contain loot, whereas when boss fights end, their loot drops directly from the boss' corpse.


Arena music[]

If the player escapes the arena while the music is playing, the music continues until another ambush or a boss fight is cleared.

Mainland and Hero Pass DLCs[]

  • arena1 (Arena Music for the Creeper Woods, Pumpkin Pastures, Redstone Mines, Cacti Canyon, Obsidian Pinnacle, all Jungle Awakens missions, and all Creeping Winter missions)
  • arena2 (Arena Music for the Squid Coast, Desert Temple, Fiery Forge, Highblock Halls and the Underhalls)
  • Invocation (Arena Music for Woodland Mansion and Woodland Prison Ancient Hunts)
  • Menta Menardi (Arena music for Spider Cave Ancient Hunt)

Howling Peaks[]

  • Summit (Arena Music for Windswept Peaks)
  • Ascension (Alternate Arena Music for Windswept Peaks)
  • Squall (Arena Music for Colossal Rampart)
  • Flurry (Alternate Arena Music for Colossal Rampart)
  • Rush (Arena Music for Gale Sanctum and Gauntlet of Gales)
  • Scud (Alternate Arena Music for Gauntlet of Gales)

Flames of the Nether[]

  • Routers (Arena Music for Nether Wastes, Nether Fortress and Gold Room Ancient Hunts)
  • Metaluna (Arena Music for Warped Forest and Soul Sand Valley)
  • Torn Acinder (Arena Music for Basalt Deltas)
  • Kermetic (Arena Music for Crimson Forest)

Hidden Depths[]

  • Cnidoblast (Arena Music for Coral Rise)
  • Nematocyst (Alternate Arena Music for Coral Rise)
  • Truched (Arena Music for Radiant Ravine)
  • Klyka (Alternate Arena Music for Radiant Ravine)
  • Swashes (Arena Music for Abyssal Monument)
  • Pit Fight (Alternate Arena Music for Abyssal Monument)

Echoing Void[]

  • Drawn (Arena Music for The Stronghold)
  • Closer (Alternate Arena Music for The Stronghold)
  • Nothingness (Arena Music for End Wilds)
  • Void (Alternate Arena Music for End Wilds)
  • Shattered (Arena Music for Broken Citadel)
  • Apart (Alternate Arena Music for Broken Citadel)


Arena music[]

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Mainland and Hero DLC[]

Arena 1
Arena 1 and 2 end
Arena 2
Spider Cave arena
Spider Cave arena end
Woodland Mansion arena
Woodland Mansion arena end
Woodland Mansion roof arena
Woodland Mansion Roof arena end

Howling Peaks[]

Colossal Rampart arena
Colossal Rampart arena end
Colossal Rampart side arena
Colossal Rampart side arena end
Gauntlet of Gales arena
Gauntlet of Gales arena end
Gale Sanctum side arena
Gale Sanctum Side arena end
Windswept Peaks arena
Windswept Peaks arena end
Windswept Peaks side arena
Windswept Peaks side arena end

Flames of the Nether[]

Basalt Deltas arena
Basalt Deltas arena end
Crimson Forest arena
Crimson Forest arena end
Nether Wastes & Nether Fortress arena
Nether Wastes & Nether Fortress arena end
Warped Forest & Soul Sand Valley arena
Warped Forest & Soul Sand Valley arena end

Hidden Depths[]

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Echoing Void[]

Broken Citadel arena
Broken Citadel arena end
Broken Citadel side arena
Broken Citadel side arena end
End Wilds arena
End Wilds arena end
End Wilds side arena
End Wilds Side arena end
The Stronghold arena
The Stronghold arena end
The Stronghold side arena
The Stronghold Side arena end

Arena Sounds[]

Arena mobs appear
Arena pillar eye activate
Arena gate opens


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