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Arch-Illager (Archie)


Corrupted by evil... Driven by vengeance... The Arch-Illager made all bow before him... And if they did not bow... they would FALL.

Minecraft Dungeons Opening Cinematic

The Arch-Illager known by his birth name as Archie,[1] is the first main antagonist of Minecraft Dungeons. He is the founder and leader of the illagers empire in the game, and is a proxy for the Orb of Dominance to carry out its goals.


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Spoiler warning! This section contains detailed information about Minecraft Dungeons that may spoil your enjoyment of it. Read at your own risk!

He became the Arch-Illager when he obtained the power of the Orb of Dominance. But before that, he was a misfit Illager who couldn't fit in a normal Illager society, and found this power within a mountain.

Chris Nordgren

Before the events of the game, Archie was an exile from his illager tribe, repeatedly searching for a village to call home, only for the villagers to reject him, after getting in a scuffle with 5 heroes. He was seen being driven out of a village on the Squid Coast in the opening cutscene of the game.

Eventually, after a long time of searching, Archie stumbled upon a mountain cave containing the Orb of Dominance. The Orb made promises to give Archie anything he could ever want. It repeatedly told Archie that it was his destiny to rule the world. Although he denied this, Archie would go on to unite all of the illager tribes under one banner, taking the title of Arch-Illager in the process. He then used his army of illagers to raid the villages that shunned him, taking the Villagers as slaves.

The hero(s) would then make it their mission to stop the Arch-Illager.

During his reign, he would collaborate with the evil witches of Soggy Swamp to obtain large potion supplies as well as the Nameless One of the Desert Temple to obtain the undead army. He would also order the development of numerous Redstone Mines to use his Villager slaves to mine redstone, and construct the Fiery Forge to refine the gathered redstone into redstone golems and the redstone monstrosity to enforce his rule. Eventually, the Arch-Illager would also attempt to betray the Nameless One, launching a raid on the Desert Temple to try and take the Nameless One’s staff to gain the ability to summon the undead army for himself. Each of these plans, however, would be foiled by the heroes.

Additionally, the Arch-Illager repeatedly appears in the game to summon illagers to attack the heroes, which occurs less often as the game progresses.

Eventually, once the heroes reach the Arch-Illager's throne room in Highblock Halls, he summons one last attack as the heroes reach him, before retreating to the Obsidian Pinnacle.

After the heroes finally reach him on the highest point of his castle, the Arch-Illager fights the hero(s) himself. After having been heavily wounded, Archie is sucked toward the Orb of Dominance, which proceeds to manifest itself as the Heart of Ender. Once enough damage has been done to the embodiment, the Heart of Ender dissipates, rendering the Orb of Dominance extremely unstable.

Finally, the heroes find the Arch-Illager struggling to contain the Orb of Dominance, a few moments before it shatters, knocking Archie down and relieving him of its control. Without the Orb of Dominance to give him power, Archie becomes afraid of the approaching heroes. However, they unexpectedly offer kindness and help him up. Archie then celebrates the destruction of the Orb of Dominance, and by extension the persona of the Arch-Illager, with the heroes. However, The Orb of Dominance wasn't fully destroyed. Its Shards of Dominance caused problems like the events of Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, Howling Peaks and Hidden Depths, eventually leading to some Endermen finding the reformed remains in a cave bringing it to A Stronghold and entering a mysterious portal, Later the heroes must fight against The Vengeful Heart Of Ender. A shard is not in the Flames of the Nether DLC however.


In the opening cinematic, Archie has ragged and teared clothes and is holding a torch. When he is crowned the Arch-Illager, he has blue robes that are similar to the evocation robe, a large necklace with a ruby on it and a crown with a diamond and a ruby on it. He also carries a staff to hold the Orb of Dominance. The Arch-Illager is also the only illager to have a horizontal head and a smaller height.


The Arch-Illager has seven behaviors. If a hero or summon comes too close to him, he begins repeatedly teleporting around the arena and firing blasts after each teleport. His health pool is the 2nd lowest of any boss in the game, although this is mitigated by the deadly Heart of Ender battle that takes place after his health is depleted. Additionally, the Arch-Illager, when he isn't a boss, flies around summoning bosses and battles to try and thwart the hero's efforts to stop him.

Basic attack

The Arch-Illager fires three purple energy blasts in a horizontal swath toward a random hero or summon. Deals a small amount of damage if it hits (16 damage per energy blast on Default). Used extremely often.


When a hero comes within close range of the Arch-Illager, usually melee attack range, and the hero gets hit by one if his energy blasts, the Arch-Illager teleports 4 or 5 times[verify] in a random area around the hero to avoid taking much damage. Similarly to the enderman, the Arch-Illager can also hide in teleportation and not reappear instantly.


The Arch-Illager can enchant hostile mobs in the same way that the Enchanter does. However, if the Arch-Illager teleports, the enchanting is broken off the mob.

Defeated in a whirlwind

Once the Arch-Illager has taken enough damage, his staff slips out of his hands, sucks him in, and absorbs him while transforming into the Heart of Ender.

Summon circle

Since the Arch-Illager is not much of a warrior, he is capable of summoning a group of Illagers to assist him, usually a circle of 10 to 20 vindicators around the hero.

Summon line

The Arch-Illager can also summon a line of 20 pillagers through the center of the arena.

Summon single

The Arch-Illager rarely summons a single redstone golem(mob) instead. Unlike the vindicators and pillagers, the redstone golem does not despawn once the Arch-Illager is defeated. While this attack is used sparingly, it is his most powerful attack.

Redstone Golem (mob)[]

Redstone Golem (mob)
Redstone Golem.png


A Redstone Golem (mob) is a hostile mob and non-boss variant of the original Redstone Golem in Minecraft Dungeons. The Arch-Illager occasionally will summon a single redstone golem (mob). Unlike the vindicators and pillagers, the redstone golem does not despawn once the Arch-Illager is defeated. While this attack is used sparingly, it is his most powerful attack. The mob can also be found in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade.


The Redstone Golem is a smaller and weaker version of the Redstone Monstrosity, with more prominent cracks, no horns or visible mouth, and two slime-like eyes. There is also a block of redstone attached to its back and two inside both its upper arms. It is made from cobblestone and redstone blocks, with redstone dust wiring it.



The Redstone Golem is the strongest mob summoned by the Arch-Illager. In normal Minecraft Dungeons, it behaves the same as it’s mini-boss counterpart. However, in Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, it has an extra attack and different mechanics.

Swipe attack

When the hero gets in range, it swipes it’s arm towards the hero, knocking them back.

Strong attack (Arcade Only)

When close to the hero, it smashes its arms on the ground. This attack can also damage nearby mobs.

Charge up electric transfer attack

This causes 4 mines to appear in front of the golem which explode instantly, damaging any pets or heroes near it. The golem cannot move when summoning mines. In normal Minecraft Dungeons, it summons multiple mines around it that linger for a bit instead.


Redstone Golem (summon) sounds
Electric Pulses
Electric Sparks
Eye Sparkle
Fire Projectile
File:Sfx mob rsGolemHurt-001 soundWave.oggHurt
File:Sfx mob rsGolemIdle-001 soundWave.oggIdle
Load Attack
Magic Attack
Telegraph Attack
Proximity Mine Idle
Swing Arms
Swing Arms


Power Min Health
1 288
4 489.6
10 777.6
16 1180.8
22 1584
27 2131.2
33 2851.2
39 3686.4
45 4723.2
51 6076.8
56 8236.8
62 11174.4
68 15091.2
74 19382.4
80 24883.2
86 31939.2
91 43488
97 59011.2
103 79948.8



Boss Stage 1 Theme Start
Boss Stage 1 & 2 Theme Loop
Boss Stage 2 Theme End

Appear in other maps[]

Load Spell
Mirror In
Mirror Out
Disappear Spell

Boss sounds[]

Intro Chimes
Intro Final Blow
Intro Greetings
Intro Laugh
Intro First Fly
Intro Second Fly
Intro Third Fly
Intro Wieee
Magic Impact
Orb Wobble Struggle
Summon Mobs
Enchanting Beam

Visage sounds[]

Visage Beam Attack
Visage Beam Loop
Visage Mortar Shoot
Visage Teleport In
Visage Teleport Out


The origin story is described in the canonical novel The Rise of the Arch-Illager.[1]


The Woodland Mansion

The Arch-Illager was known as Archie at first, and lived orphaned in a The Woodland Mansion in game.

Archie's parents died when he was young and he was hardly any help to his Illager tribe. He insisted that if the Illager tribes of the overworld banded together, they could defeat the heroes that constantly hunted them, but the Illagers thought that was nonsense. Illagers are power hungry and combative by nature, they only worship the strongest Illager in the battle to become their leader, so if Illagers tried to unite, it would just be coup after coup.


Karl ("Smacker") is one of the five heroes in story.

One day, a hero named Karl, who Archie knows instead as "Smacker", completely obliterates Archie's raid party, except for him and his childhood bully, Thord the Evoker. Thord decided that it was all Archie's fault for not helping, even though he was told to stay out of the fight. After they returned to the Woodland Mansion, Thord reports to the tribe leader, Walda the Evoker. During the argument, Archie punches the injured Thord in front of Walda. Because of his action, She banishes Archie from the group of illager forever.


Archie searches for a new home.

Eventually he arrives at the nearby village of Squid Coast. They are distrustful of him, but a villager named Yumi decides to take him in after he proves his credibility. He lived there for anywhere from a month to a year before "Smacker" returned. The village spokesperson, Salah, got the hero’s attention drawn to Archie. "Smacker" threatened to kill Archie, since he could never feel safe in a village if an Illager was there, no matter how small. Yumi wanted him to stay, but she had no choice but to tell Archie to run so "Smacker" couldn't find him.

Archie finds the Orb of Dominance.

After a long time of searching, he found the Orb of Dominance, promising to give Archie anything he could ever want. It repeatedly told him it was Archie's destiny to rule the world, although he denied this. Archie would unite many Illager tribes under his rule, taking the title of The Arch-Illager in the process.

Illager empire[]

Walda was the leader of Archie. Now she puts on the crown for him. and Archie then became the Arch-Illager.

The orb constructed Highblock Keep as Archie’s home, and gave him 6 Redstone Golems to protect him. However, these golems could not last forever, so he'd need a forge to make more, and a mine to gather redstone, and he'd need workers to do it. The Illagers were willing to work for him; at least once the orb proved that it would not allow anyone to take it from Archie. The Orb insisted they would need to attack the villages of the continent so the militant Illagers would not get bored.


The Arch-Illager takes his revenge.

"Smacker" was scared away by Archie's custom made Redstone Monstrosity

It was a downward spiral, as one thing required another, each more evil than the last. He eventually defeated Thord, who attempted to betray him, and despite how he tried to convince Yumi, his only friend, to join him, she refused. Yumi almost got him to quit the entire thing and just go back to living in the village, but the Orb, now partially controlling Archie's thoughts, would not let him. With the new title of the Arch-Illager, Archie, under the influence of the Orb, vowed to make all of the overworld suffer for taking away the peaceful life he could have had...


Archie seems to have been quite cowardly before he was corrupted by the Orb of Dominance. He often would not run into the face of danger. However, in certain situations, he has the potential to be a strong warrior.


Saved The Overworld High Treason Post-Post Apocalypse


Minecraft Dungeons The Arch-Illager has been added to the game.


  • The Arch-Illager's teleport sound is identical to that of the Illusioner miniboss that is found in the Creeping Winter DLC when doing a mirror move.
  • In the Arch Illager boss battle, if the hero gets him onto the stairs leading towards the battle, the Arch Illager will lose the ability to teleport.
  • When he transforms into the 2nd phase, his voice becomes much higher.
  • In the ending cinematic, the Arch-Illager is seen with what appear to be bruises or blood on his face.
  • In Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, the top of the Arch-Illager's crown lacks a texture, only appearing black.
  • Four of the sounds for the Redstone Golem (mob) are shared or taken from other places. All attack sounds are shared with the Geomancer's stone walls and the jumpscare noise is the cave1.ogg ambience heard in the base game.
  • The Redstone Golem, alongside the Evoker and Skeleton Horseman are one of the few miniboss mobs to be turned into normal mobs in Arcade.
    • With the only difference is that the Redstone Golem mob variant was implemented into Dungeons first, while the other two are Arcade exclusive.


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