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Icon used to depict Ancient Hunts.

Ancient Hunts are "end-game"[1] missions in Minecraft Dungeons that act as source of Gilded Gear and Gold at the cost of permanently sacrificing equipment to enter. Players are given three revives and are able to leave and return to the hunt three times at any point.

Chests and Mobs, excluding Ancient Mobs, in ancient hunts do not drop Weapons, Armor, and Artifacts but can, instead, drop Gold. Common chests rarely provide Gold.

Upon completion, the end of mission chest always provides 10 Gold.

Accessing & configuring[edit]

The Ranged Weapon selection interface for configuring an Ancient Hunt.

Accessible after a single mission at Default V or greater is completed, a Nether portal located in the cave at Camp serves as the physical point of interaction for Ancient Hunts, adjacent to the Piglin Merchant. Hunts can also be accessed from the "Other Dimensions" tab of the Mission Selection map.

Before a Hunt can be entered, players must offer up a combination of a single Melee Weapon, Ranged Weapon, Armor, and Artifact that together fulfils the Rune requirements for at least one type of Ancient Mob to appear. Optionally, players can also sacrifice enchantment points, lowering the character level, to increase Ancients on Average and thus more Gilded Gear. Upon entering the Hunt, the offered items are permanently destroyed along with any enchantment points applied upon them. The Ancients on Average will also increase with greater numbers of Ancient Mob types satisfied by the offered runes.

The total number of enchantment slots, shown as grey or purple squares, from the offered equipment sets the maximum number of enchantment points that can be offered to a maximum of 9. Grey squares refers to an empty enchantment slot and does not contribute to the total and purple represents a present enchantment slot and adds 1 to the total.
Enchantment points applied onto offered equipment have no effect on the hunt when sacrificed.[verify]

Hunt runes[edit]

All Weapons, Armor, and Artifacts are assigned 1, 2, or 3 runes, of which there are 9 variants. Most unique rarity equipment contribute at least 2 runes, 20 of which give 3 runes.

  • Rune A
  • Rune C
  • Rune I
  • Rune O
  • Rune P
  • Rune R
  • Rune S
  • Rune T
  • Rune U
Melee Rune Table
Icon Name
Level ID
Rune U Rune C Rune O Rune S Rune R Rune I Rune P Rune T Rune A
Axe (MCD).png
Battlestaff (MCD).png
Battlestaff of Terror (MCD).png
Bee Stinger (MCD).png
Bone Cudgel (MCD).png
Boneclub (MCD).png
Broadsword (MCD).png
Broken Sawblade (MCD).png
Chill Gale Knife (MCD).png
Claymore (MCD).png
Cursed Axe (MCD).png
Cutlass (MCD).png
Daggers (MCD).png
Dancer's Sword (MCD).png
Dark Katana (MCD).png
Diamond Pickaxe (MCD).png
Diamond Sword (MCD).png
Double Axe (MCD).png
Eternal Knife (MCD).png
Fangs of Frost (MCD).png
Fighter's Bindings (MCD).png
Firebrand (MCD).png
Flail (MCD).png
Fortune Spear (MCD).png
Freezing Foil (MCD).png
Frost Scythe (MCD).png
Frost Slayer (MCD).png
Gauntlets (MCD).png
Glaive (MCD).png
Grave Bane (MCD).png
Great Axeblade (MCD).png
Great Hammer (MCD).png
Growing Staff (MCD).png
Hammer of Gravity (MCD).png
Hawkbrand (MCD).png
Heartstealer (MCD).png
Highland Axe (MCD).png
Jailor's Scythe (MCD).png
Katana (MCD).png
Mace (MCD).png
Master's Katana (MCD).png
Maulers (MCD).png
Mechanized Sawblade (MCD).png
Moon Daggers (MCD).png
Nameless Blade (MCD).png
Nightmare's Bite (MCD).png
Pickaxe (MCD).png
Rapier (MCD).png
Resolute Tempest Knife (MCD).png
Sheer Daggers (MCD).png
Sickles (MCD).png
Sinister Sword (MCD).png
Soul Fists (MCD).png
Soul Knife (MCD).png
Soul Scythe (MCD).png
Spear (MCD).png
Stormlander (MCD).png
Sun's Grace (MCD).png
Sword (MCD).png
Tempest Knife (MCD).png
The Last Laugh (MCD).png
Truthseeker (MCD).png
Venom Glaive (MCD).png
Vine Whip (MCD).png
Whip (MCD).png
Whirlwind (MCD).png
Whispering Spear (MCD).png
Ranged Rune Table
Icon Name
Level ID
Rune U Rune C Rune O Rune S Rune R Rune I Rune P Rune T Rune A
Ancient Bow (MCD).png
Auto Crossbow (MCD).png
Azure Seeker (MCD).png
Baby Crossbows (MCD).png
Bonebow (MCD).png
Bow (MCD).png
Bow of Lost Souls (MCD).png
Burst Crossbow (MCD).png
Burst Gale Bow (MCD).png
Butterfly Crossbow (MCD).png
Cog Crossbow (MCD).png
Corrupted Crossbow (MCD).png
Crossbow (MCD).png
Doom Crossbow (MCD).png
Dual Crossbows (MCD).png
Echo of the Valley (MCD).png
Elite Power Bow (MCD).png
Exploding Crossbow (MCD).png
Feral Soul Crossbow (MCD).png
Firebolt Thrower (MCD).png
Guardian Bow (MCD).png
Harp Crossbow (MCD).png
Haunted Bow (MCD).png
Heavy Crossbow (MCD).png
Hunter's Promise (MCD).png
Hunting Bow (MCD).png
Imploding Crossbow (MCD).png
Lightning Harp Crossbow (MCD).png
Longbow (MCD).png
Love Spell Bow (MCD).png
Master's Bow (MCD).png
Mechanical Shortbow (MCD).png
Nocturnal Bow (MCD).png
Power Bow (MCD).png
Pride of the Piglins (MCD).png
Purple Storm (MCD).png
Rapid Crossbow (MCD).png
Red Snake (MCD).png
Sabrewing (MCD).png
Scatter Crossbow (MCD).png
Shivering Bow (MCD).png
Shortbow (MCD).png
Slayer Crossbow (MCD).png
Snow Bow (MCD).png
Soul Bow (MCD).png
Soul Crossbow (MCD).png
Soul Hunter Crossbow (MCD).png
Spellbound Crossbows (MCD).png
The Green Menace (MCD).png
The Pink Scoundrel (MCD).png
The Slicer (MCD).png
Trickbow (MCD).png
Twin Bow (MCD).png
Twisting Vine Bow (MCD).png
Voidcaller (MCD).png
Weeping Vine Bow (MCD).png
Wind Bow (MCD).png
Winter's Touch (MCD).png
Armor Rune Table
Icon Name
Level ID
Rune U Rune C Rune O Rune S Rune R Rune I Rune P Rune T Rune A
Archer's Armor (MCD).png
Arctic Fox Armor (MCD).png
Battle Robe (MCD).png
Beehive Armor (MCD).png
Beenest Armor (MCD).png
Black Wolf Armor (MCD).png
Cave Crawler (MCD).png
Champion's Armor (MCD).png
Climbing Gear (MCD).png
Dark Armor (MCD).png
Ember Robe (MCD).png
Emerald Gear (MCD).png
Evocation Robe (MCD).png
Fox Armor (MCD).png
Frost Armor (MCD).png
Frost Bite (MCD).png
Full Metal Armor (MCD).png
Ghost Kindler (MCD).png
Ghostly Armor (MCD).png
Gilded Glory (MCD).png
Goat Gear (MCD).png
Golden Piglin Armor (MCD).png
Grim Armor (MCD).png
Guard's Armor (MCD).png
Hero's Armor (MCD).png
Highland Armor (MCD).png
Hungry Horror (MCD).png
Hunter's Armor (MCD).png
Living Vines Armor (MCD).png
Mercenary Armor (MCD).png
Mystery Armor (MCD).png
Ocelot Armor (MCD).png
Opulent Armor (MCD).png
Phantom Armor (MCD).png
Piglin Armor (MCD).png
Plate Armor (MCD).png
Reinforced Mail (MCD).png
Renegade Armor (MCD).png
Rugged Climbing Gear (MCD).png
Scale Mail (MCD).png
Shadow Walker (MCD).png
Snow Armor (MCD).png
Soul Robe (MCD).png
Souldancer Robe (MCD).png
Spelunker Armor (MCD).png
Spider Armor (MCD).png
Splendid Robe (MCD).png
Sprout Armor (MCD).png
Stalwart Armor (MCD).png
Thief Armor (MCD).png
Titan's Shroud (MCD).png
Verdant Robe (MCD).png
Wither Armor (MCD).png
Wolf Armor (MCD).png
Artifacts Rune Table
Icon Name
Level ID
Rune U Rune C Rune O Rune S Rune R Rune I Rune P Rune T Rune A
Blast Fungus (MCD).png
Boots of Swiftness (MCD).png
Buzzy Nest (MCD).png
Corrupted Beacon (MCD).png
Corrupted Pumpkin (MCD).png
Corrupted Seeds (MCD).png
Death Cap Mushroom (MCD).png
Enchanted Grass (MCD).png
Enchanter's Tome (MCD).png
Fireworks Arrow (MCD).png
Fishing Rod (MCD).png
Flaming Quiver (MCD).png
Ghost Cloak (MCD).png
Golem Kit (MCD).png
Gong of Weakening (MCD).png
Harvester (MCD).png
Ice Wand (MCD).png
Iron Hide Amulet (MCD).png
Light Feather (MCD).png
Lightning Rod (MCD).png
Love Medallion (MCD).png
Powershaker (MCD).png
Satchel of Elements (MCD).png
Scatter Mines (MCD).png
Shock Powder (MCD).png
Soul Healer (MCD).png
Soul Lantern (MCD).png
Spinblade (MCD).png
Tasty Bone (MCD).png
Thundering Quiver (MCD).png
Torment Quiver (MCD).png
Totem of Regeneration (MCD).png
Totem of Shielding (MCD).png
Updraft Tome (MCD).png
Wind Horn (MCD).png
Wonderful Wheat (MCD).png

Each type of Ancient Mob possesses different Rune requirements that must be matched or exceeded for them to appear during the hunt. The more types that can appear increases the Ancients on Average at the expense of a wider overall loot pool where the player will have a lower chance of obtaining their desired Gilded Gear. Focusing on hunting specific ancients will prove more fruitful for the player.


Ancient Hunts transport the player through 3 randomly selected travelling Locations/themes per hunt, connected by Nether Portals that weave the player's hunt between the Overworld and the Nether. These locations are:

Mainland locations[edit]

Nether dimension locations[edit]

Ancient Hunt exclusive locations[edit]

Mainland locations feature hunt exclusive tiles that do not appear in regular missions. These tiles provide further points for unique procedural generation and the appearance of Hunt Doors.

Hunt doors[edit]

A Hunt doorway. Note the blue glow. Regular doorways glow yellow.

Hunt doors are dark framed, blue glowing passages that transport the player to a hunt exclusive area. These areas could be a Gold Room or an arena themed around the Ancient Mob that resides there, containing an intractable button or lever that summons the ancient and its enchanted minions.

The number of Hunt doors generated is dependent upon the dungeon seed. All Hunt Doors initially direct to Gold Rooms that are then replaced by Ancient Mob arenas with respect to the Ancients on Average value.

Gold Rooms[edit]

Main article: MCD:Gold Room
Gear (item).gif
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Hollow rectangular, a south-eastern facing areas explored in a anti-clockwise direction that always consist of, Mobs, Gold containing chests, a Supplies Chest, and a extendable bridge. These rooms can generate with Fancy Chests, Obsidian Chests, and intractable beacons or levers that summons a multi-part ambush that may be populated with a Ghast mini-boss. Internally, the game refers to these rooms as Gold Dungeons with subtypes Gold_s, Gold_m, and Gold_l respectively referring to small, medium, and large generation styles.

The initial corridor provide little area to battle the Mobs that lurk within them. Players can easily become overwhelmed if the mobs that reside are particularly formidable with enchantments.


All Mobs, including DLC exclusive mobs, can appear during Ancient Hunts even if they do not fit the theme of their environment. For example, Mooshrooms, Blazes, and Royal Guards can appear together in a Desert Temple portion of the hunt. Mini-Bosses such as the Evoker, Illusioner, Enderman, Skeleton Horseman and Ghast can also make appearances during the hunts. The Woodland Mansion has Charged Creepers as an exclusive mob.

Ancient Mobs[edit]

Main article: Ancient Mobs

Ancient Mobs are powerful boss-like variants of Enchanted Mobs with enchanted minions, their own title name, and a themed arena accessed through Hunt Doors. These mobs and their minions can possess Enchantments that would otherwise be player-exclusive, such as Shockwave, and some ancient exclusive enchantments such as Mob Resurrection Aura and Huge.

Ancients and their minions can obliterate unprepared players rapidly and mercilessly, forcing considerations of different tactics to prevail against the ancient. Upon the ancient's defeat, a Gilded item of any Rarity is dropped as a reward.


This section of the page describes Minecraft Dungeons Achievements that involve the Ancient Hunts.

Ancient Hunter A Piglin's Best Friend Back to Back



Gold Room Main
Spider Cave Arena
Spider Cave Arena End
Spider Cave Main
Woodland Mansion Arena
Woodland Mansion Arena End
Woodland Mansion Intro
Woodland Mansion Roof
Woodland Mansion Boss End
Woodland Mansion Ground Floor
Woodland Mansion Main
Woodland Mansion Prison

Ancient Mobs[edit]

Ancient Mob Alarm
Ancient Mob Generic Pre
Ancient Mob Generic Loop
Ancient Mob Generic Post

Gilded Gear[edit]

Gilded Gear Common Drop
Gilded Gear Common Loop
Gilded Gear Unique Drop
Gilded Gear Unique Loop


Minecraft Dungeons
February 12, 2021Ancient Hunts are mentioned and explained of their potential functionality.
February 19, 2021Footage of an Ancient Hunt reveals the new Ancient Mobs and the offering UI, and the Tweet revealing that Ancient Hunts are an endgame feature for the game.
February 20, 2021Footage of another Ancient Hunt which reveals Gilded Gear and their appearance in the inventory. Ancient Hunts. Sound effects for Ancients on the offering UI.
Changed Gold room generation. Previously consisted of a single long narrow corridor, stretching in a south-eastern direction containing only Mobs and Gold Chests.
Changed Gold room ambient music and sound effects. [more information needed]
Changed Spider Cave ambush and "Destroy the Spawns" objectives to occur upon entering the tile instead of upon contacting the web gate.
Changed Spider Cave web gate to not show the purple gate glow.
Changed Unbreakable One Rune requirements ->
Changed Ancient Hunt text to clarify spending enchantment points and level.
Fixed Gilded Gear dropping in inaccessible locations during Ancient Hunts.[2]
Fixed Multiple Ancient Mobs spawning during Ancient Hunts. [3]
Fixed Gold reward displaying full inventory prompt when inventory full. [4]
Fixed Gold room bridge opens properly for both host and clients.
Fixed Text overlapping buttons on Ancient Hunt menus for several languages.
Fixed Incorrect button colors for the prompt that appears when cancelling an Ancient Hunt.
Fixed Nintendo Switch crash upon entering Ancient Hunt.


  • Due to MCD-5279, it was initially thought that the Woodland Mansion theme in Ancient Hunts was sourced from a new Secret Location obtained in Creeper Woods. This, however, is partially true, Woodland Mansion is connected to Creeper Woods internally but with no method to access it. Spider Cave shares a similar relationship with Soggy Cave without the visual bug.
  • The Nether Portal in Minecraft Dungeons does not necessary transport the player from Overworld to Nether and vice versa like in Minecraft, the portal can transport from one Overworld location to another Overworld location and the same applies with Nether locations. It is possible for a hunt to only consist of Nether locations or Overworld locations.
  • The Ancient Hunt Deep Dive article on minecraft.net displayed an image presenting unused pink squares in addition to the existing purple and grey squares to represent equipment enchantment slots.

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