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Ancient Hunts

Icon used to depict Ancient Hunts.

An Ancient Hunt is an end-game[1] mission that can be found within the Nether Cave at the Camp of Minecraft Dungeons. Ancient Hunts offer a chance at winning gilded gear and gold for the price of sacrificing equipment to enter.

Starting a hunt[]

Ancient Hunt Exchange

The ranged weapon selection interface for configuring an ancient hunt.

Accessible after a single mission at Default V or greater is completed, a portal located in the Nether Cave serves as the physical point of interaction for Ancient Hunts, next to the piglin merchant. Hunts can also be accessed from the Other Dimensions tab of the Mission Select map.


Before starting a Hunt the hero needs to offer up a valid set of equipment. Runes attached to the items determine what Ancient might respond. The hero cannot offer gilded gear.

For a list of equipment and the runes attached to them, see MCD:Ancient Offering.


In an Ancient Hunt, the heroes explore three large locations connected by Nether portals, primarily searching for Hunt Doors. Most doors lead to Gold Rooms, but some can lead to an arena where the heroes can summon an Ancient. Ancients are powerful mobs that drop gilded gear.

Chests and ordinary mobs do not drop equipment but can instead drop gold. Gold Rooms are packed full of mobs and include at least one piglin ambush, and they offer chests of gold as a reward. On completing the Hunt, the end-of-mission chest provides thirty gold.

During a Hunt, heroes are given three revives and are able to leave and return to the Hunt three times at any point.


The majority of the hunt takes place in a sequence of large sub-missions. They are connected by Nether portals that weave the hero's Hunt between the Mainland and the Nether. Their locations can include:

Flames of the Nether

Mainland locations feature hunt-exclusive tiles that do not appear in regular missions. These tiles provide further points for unique procedural generation and the appearance of hunt doors.

Hunt Doors[]

Ancient Hunt Door

These doorways lead to Ancient Arenas and Gold Rooms.

A Hunt Door is a dark-framed, blue glowing passage that transport the hero to a hunt exclusive area. These areas could be a gold room or an area themed around the ancient that resides there, containing an intractable button or lever that summons the ancient and its enchanted minions.

The number of Hunt Doors generated depends on the dungeon seed. These doors normally lead to gold rooms, but some are replaced by ancient arenas with respect to the ancients on average value.

Ancient arena[]

Barrage's Arena

These arenas are where the heroes battle Ancients for a shot at gilded loot.

An Ancient Arena is a Hunt-exclusive arena that's themed for the Ancient that resides there. They have an interactable button or lever that summons the Ancient and its enchanted minions.

For a list of possible Ancients that might be behind a Hunt Door, see MCD:Ancient.

Gold room[]

Main article: MCD:Gold Room

A Gold Room is an interior, bastion-themed area explored in a counterclockwise direction. They are full of mobs, and they have gold-containing chests, a supplies chest, and an extendable bridge. These rooms can generate with fancy chests, and obsidian chests. Activating a beacon or lever to get into a treasure room summons a multi-part ambush of mostly piglins, blazes, wraiths, and the occasional ghast.


Ancient mobs[]

Main article: Ancient

Ancients are powerful boss-like variants of enchanted mobs with enchanted minions, their own title name, and a themed arena accessed through hunt doors. These mobs and their minions can possess enchantments that would otherwise be player-exclusive, such as Shockwave, and some ancient exclusive enchantments such as Mob Resurrection Aura and Huge.

Ancients and their minions can obliterate unprepared heroes, forcing considerations of different tactics to prevail against the ancient. Upon the ancient's defeat, a gilded item of any rarity is dropped as a reward.

Ordinary mobs[]

All mobs, including DLC exclusive mobs, can appear during Ancient Hunts even if they do not fit the theme of their environment. The Woodland Mansion has charged creepers as an exclusive mob.

Due to the nature of Ancient Hunts all mobs and entities spawn along the generated areas, except for bosses, Chicken Jockey Towers, Drowned Necromancers, Elder Guardians, Endersent, Guardians, Pink Slimes, Poison Anemones, Quick Growing Kelps, Raid Captains, Redstone Cubes, Shulkers, Silverfish, Squall Golems, Tower Guards, Tower Wraiths and Wavewhisperers.
Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Baby Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Baby Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Blastling Yes Yes Yes
Blaze Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Blaze Spawner Yes Yes Yes
Cave Spider Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Charged Creeper Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Chicken Jockey Yes[note 2] Yes[note 2] Yes[note 2]
Creeper Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Enchanter Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Endermite Yes Yes Yes
Frozen Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Fungus Thrower Ambush[note 1][note 3] Ambush[note 1][note 3] Ambush[note 1][note 3]
Geomancer Yes[note 4] Yes[note 4] Yes[note 4]
Hoglin Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Husk Yes Yes Yes
Iceologer Yes[note 5] Yes[note 5] Yes[note 5]
Icy Creeper Yes Yes Yes
Jungle Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Leapleaf Yes Yes Yes
Magma Cube Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Mob Spawner Yes Yes Yes
Mossy Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Mountaineer Yes Yes Yes
Necromancer Yes Yes Ambush[note 1]
Piglin Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Piglin Hunter Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Pillager Yes Yes Yes
Poison-Quill Vine Summoned[note 6] Summoned[note 6] Summoned[note 6]
Quick Growing Vine Summoned[note 6] Summoned[note 6] Summoned[note 6]
Rampart Captain Yes Yes Yes
Ravager Yes Yes Yes
Royal Guard Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Slime Yes Yes Yes
Snareling Yes Yes Yes
Spider Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Stray Yes Yes Yes
Sunken Skeleton Yes Yes Yes
Trident Drowned Yes Yes Yes
Tropical Slime Yes Yes Yes
Vanguard Yes Yes Yes
Vex Summoned[note 7] Summoned[note 7] Summoned[note 7]
Vindicator Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Vindicator Chef Yes Yes Yes
Watchling Yes Yes Yes
Whisperer Yes[note 8] Yes[note 8] Yes[note 8]
Windcaller Yes Yes Yes
Witch Yes Yes Yes
Wither Skeleton Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Wither Skeleton Archer Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Wraith Yes Yes Yes
Zombie Yes Yes Yes
Zombified Fungus Thrower Ambush[note 1][note 3] Ambush[note 1][note 3] Ambush[note 1][note 3]
Zombified Piglin Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Zombified Piglin Hunter Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Enderman Yes Yes Yes
Evoker Ambush[note 1][note 9] Ambush[note 1][note 9] Ambush[note 1][note 9]
Ghast Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1] Ambush[note 1]
Redstone Golem Yes Yes Yes
Skeleton Horseman Yes[note 10] Yes[note 10] Yes[note 10]
Wildfire Yes Yes Yes
  1. a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z aa ab ac ad ae af ag ah ai aj ak al am an ao ap aq ar as at au av aw ax ay az ba bb bc bd be bf Spawns in arena battle as ambush
  2. a b c chickens spawn as its mount
  3. a b c d e f Throws blue nethershrooms
  4. a b c Summons geomancer bombs and geomancer walls
  5. a b c Summons ice chunks
  6. a b c d e f Summoned by whisperers
  7. a b c Summoned by evokers
  8. a b c Summons entangle vines
  9. a b c Summons evoker fangs
  10. a b c Skeleton horses spawn as its mount


Main article: Achievement
Icon Achievement In-game description Actual requirements (if different) Gamerscore earned Trophy type (PS)
A Piglin's Best Friend
Collect 500 gold over time.20GBronze
Ancient Hunter
Defeat 15 different ancient mobs in Ancient Hunts.50GSilver
Back to Back
Complete two Ancient Hunts and two daily trials, in two-player co-op, on the second day of the month.50GSilver



File:P4 bgm env goldTileMain-001.oggGold Room Main
File:P4 bgm env spcaArena-001.oggSpider Cave Arena
Spider Cave Arena End
File:P4 bgm env spcaMain-001.oggSpider Cave Main
File:P4 bgm env womaArena-001.oggWoodland Mansion Arena
Woodland Mansion Arena End
Woodland Mansion Intro
File:P4 bgm env womaRoof-001.oggWoodland Mansion Roof
Woodland Mansion Boss End
File:P4 bgm env womaGroundFloor-001.oggWoodland Mansion Ground Floor
File:P4 bgm env womaMain-001.oggWoodland Mansion Main
File:P4 bgm env womaPrison-001.oggWoodland Mansion Prison

Ancient Mobs[]

Ancient Mob Alarm
Ancient Mob Generic Pre
File:P4 bgm mob ancientMobGenericLoop-001.oggAncient Mob Generic Loop
Ancient Mob Generic Post

Gilded Gear[]

Gilded Gear Common Drop
Gilded Gear Common Loop
Gilded Gear Unique Drop
Gilded Gear Unique Loop


Minecraft Dungeons
February 12, 2021Ancient hunts are mentioned and explained of their potential functionality.
February 19, 2021Footage of an ancient hunt reveals the new ancient mobs and the offering UI, and the tweet revealing that ancient hunts are an end game feature.
February 20, 2021Footage of another ancient hunt which reveals gilded gear and their appearance in the inventory. ancient hunts. sound effects for ancients on the offering UI
Changed gold room generation. Previously consisted of a single long narrow corridor, stretching in a south-eastern direction containing only mobs and gold chests, and the ambient music and sound effects of the gold room. [more information needed]
Changed Spider Cave ambush and "Destroy the Spawns" objectives to occur upon entering the tile instead of upon contacting the web gate
Changed web gate of the Spider Cave to not show the purple gate glow
Changed Unbreakable One rune requirements from: -> .
Changed ancient hunt text to clarify spending enchantment points and level.
Fixed gilded gear dropping in inaccessible locations during ancient hunts[2]
Fixed Multiple ancient mobs spawning during ancient hunts [3]
Fixed gold reward displaying full inventory prompt when inventory is full. [4]
Fixed gold room bridge opens properly for both host and clients
Fixed text overlapping buttons on ancient hunt menus for several languages
Fixed incorrect button colors for the prompt that appears when cancelling an ancient hunt
Fixed Nintendo Switch crash upon entering ancient hunt. new ancient mobs, the Abyssal Eye, the Vengeful Mariner, the Scuttling Torment, the Watcher of the End and The Swarm. solemn giant wearing gold helmet (Variant 0 > Variant 1) the amount of gold received upon completing an Ancient Hunt from 10 to 30.
Increased the amount of gold received from gold chests
  • Gold Chest
    • Minimum gold increased from 2 to 4
    • Maximum gold increased from 5 to 6
  • Rare Gold Chest
    • Minimum gold increased from 4 to 8
    • Maximum gold increased from 7 to 10


Issues relating to "Ancient Hunt" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


  • Due to MCD-5279, it was initially thought that the woodland mansion theme in ancient hunts was sourced from a new secret location obtained in Creeper Woods. This, however, is partially true, Woodland Mansion is connected to Creeper Woods internally but with no method to access it. Spider Cave shares a similar relationship with Soggy Cave without the visual bug.
  • The Nether portal in Minecraft Dungeons does not necessarily transport the hero from the Overworld to the Nether and vice versa like in Minecraft. The portal can transport within one dimension. It is possible for a hunt to only consist of Nether locations or Overworld locations.
  • The "Ancient Hunt Deep Dive" article on minecraft.net displayed an image presenting unused pink squares in addition to the existing purple and grey squares to represent equipment enchantment slots.
  • The max possible amount of Ancients to respond is 16. With melee weapon of Cursed Axe or Whirlwind (), ranged weapon of Corrupted Crossbow (), armor of Black Wolf Armor () and artifact of Torment Quiver () or Soul Lantern ().


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