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An Ancient is a boss-like version of several common mobs. Each ancient appears in its own special area that the hero might encounter during an ancient hunt.[1] Ancients drop special gilded items. Offering equipment at the start of the hunt controls the list of ancients the hero might encounter, and offering enchantment points controls the chance the hero will encounter any ancient.

Ancient Offerings[]

Ancient Hunt Exchange.png

Each ancient has a combination of Illageralt runes that it responds to. Rune requirements are satisfied by offering up a set of equipment that has the required runes attached. Only one ranged weapon, one melee weapon, one armor and/or one artifact may be offered at a time. Multiple ancients can be called by a single overall offer.

For example, The Seeking Flame () can be called by offering up a Soul Bow () and a Soul Knife (). The Unstoppable Tusk () can be added to the Ancient Hunt by additionally offering up a Splendid Robe ().

For a table of items and the runes they bear, see MCD:Ancient Offering.

List of ancients[]

26 different ancients exist in Minecraft Dungeons.

Icon Ancient mob Rune requirements Minimum enchantments Enchanted minions Gilded gear drops Arena theme

10 Ancients are restricted to DLC due to their equipment drops:


Ancient Mob Alarm
Ancient Mob Generic Pre
Ancient Mob Generic Loop
Ancient Mob Generic Post


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  • Ancients can spawn enchanted; there is a minimum number of enchantments for each specific mob.
  • Due to a possible bug[verify], ancients may spawn with additional enchantments that they are not supposed to bear.


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