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An ancient is a boss-like variant of several common mobs. Each ancient appears in a unique special area that the hero might encounter during an ancient hunt.[1] Ancients drop special gilded items. The target ancients are selected at the start of a hunt by sacrificing a set of ancient offerings. Each ancient has a combination of runes on offerings that it responds to. Only one ranged weapon, one melee weapon, one armor and/or one artifact may be offered at a time. Multiple ancients can be called by a single overall offer.


Twenty-six ancients exist within Minecraft Dungeons.


Ancient Mob Alarm
Ancient Mob Generic Pre
Ancient Mob Generic Loop
Ancient Mob Generic Post


Minecraft Dungeons Weaver Icon.pngAncient Terror Icon.pngBarrage Icon.pngCursed Presence Icon.pngFirst Enchanter Icon.pngFrostwarden Icon.pngGrim Guardian Icon.pngHaunted Caller Icon.png????? Icon.pngOozing Menace Icon.pngPestilent Conjurer Icon.pngSolemn Giant Icon.pngThe Seeking Flame Icon.pngThe Tiny Scourge Icon.pngThe Tower Icon.pngThe Unending Icon.pngThundering Growth Icon.pngUnbreakable One Icon.pngUnstoppable Tusk Icon.pngVigilant Scoundrel Icon.pngWindbeard Icon.pngAdded the ancients Abominable Weaver, the Ancient Terror, the Barrage, the Cursed Presence, the First Enchanter, the Frostwarden, the Grim Guardian, the Haunted Caller, the ?????, the Oozing Menace, the Pestilent Conjurer, the Solemn Giant, The Seeking Flame, The Tiny Scourge, The Tower, The Unending, the Thundering Growth, the Unbreakable One, the Unstoppable Tusk, the Vengeful Mariner, the Vigilant Scoundrel, and the Windbeard. Eye Icon.pngVengeful Mariner Icon.pngScuttling Torment Icon.pngThe Swarm Icon.pngWatcher of The End Icon.pngAdded the Abyssal Eye, the Vengeful Mariner, the Scuttling Torment, The Swarm, and the Watcher of The End. Solemn Giant now wears a golden helmet.
?Now able to generate with enchantments.


  • Due to a possible bug[verify], ancients may spawn with additional enchantments that they are not supposed to bear.


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