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Adriene, formerly known as Hedwig, is a skin in Minecraft Dungeons and is one of the 4 canonical heroes of Minecraft Dungeons, as well as a main hero in The Rise of The Arch-Illager novel.


She appears in The Rise of the Arch-Illager, nicknamed "Pinky" by Karl (hence her pink hair), and one of the main four heroes.


She is seen in the Official Dungeons Banner equipped with Full Metal Armor and a Mace. In the The Rise of The Arch Illager cover, she seems to be wearing the Guard's Armor and the Sword. Her skin in general seems to be wearing a green shirt with some white outerwear, and a belt. She wears green pants, which appear to be striped, and brown shoes. She has metal bracelets and knee caps, as well a belt buckle. She has caramel skin, magneta hair, and dark brown eyes, as well as long eyelashes.



Minecraft Dungeons
Sept 29, 2018Hedwig appears in the Minecraft Dungeons announcement trailer. Hedwig is missing the hat layer.
June 9, 2019Hedwig reappears in the Minecraft Dungeons gameplay reveal trailer. Hedwig now has their hat layer.
Dungeons BetaHedwig.png Added Hedwig
?Changed name from Hedwig to Adriene. Still called Hedwig internally.