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Advertisement is a major update to Minecraft Dungeons released on February 24, 2021, which added the Flames of the Nether DLC, ancient hunts, the Piglin Merchant, new enchantments, and bug fixes.[1]





Baby Ghast
  • A new pet obtained from the Flames of the Nether DLC.
  • Purely cosmetic and does not attack enemies.
Baby Pig
  • A new pet given out for free to all players to celebrate 10 million dungeons players.
  • Purely cosmetic and does not attack enemies.
Piglin Merchant
  • A new camp merchant who moves into the cave in the camp when the player has obtained their first piece of gold.
  • Trades exclusively in gold, but can offer gilded items.


Sinister Cape
  • Free cape given to all users for Minecraft Dungeons reaching 10 million players.


Flames of the Nether DLC
  • Now available to the game.
Ancient Hunts
  • A new game mechanic involving the player sacrificing items and enchantment points to create a level.
  • These levels weave in and out of various points in the Nether.
  • Ancient Hunts can contain powerful ancient mobs, which may drop a gilded item when killed. Gilded Items are more powerful and have an extra built-in enchantment.
  • Ancient Hunts are also a source of gold, obtainable from unique chests.
  • New currency obtainable from Ancient Hunts.
  • Used to trade with the Piglin Merchant.
  • Must be obtained in game, cannot be bought.
  • Added 10 new achievements.
Xbox Series X|S Enhancements
  • Up to 4K resolution and 120 FPS on Xbox Series X.
  • Up to 1440p resolution and 60 FPS on Xbox Series S.
  • Varies with gameplay, can lower while playing four player local co-op.
Return to Checkpoint button
  • New option in the menu to get teleported back to last checkpoint.


Arch Haven and Soggy Cave

Apocalypse Plus

  • The previous twenty Apocalypse Plus levels have been compressed into ten levels
  • Characters that had reached +20 prior to this update will now have +10 unlocked. Their gear will remain unchanged
  • 15 additional Apocalypse Plus levels have been added, bringing the total up to 25
  • Each Apocalypse Plus level now increases gear power and mob stats more than previously
  • The difficulty curve has been adjusted behind the scenes such that Apocalypse Plus gives you a similar or slightly more difficult degree of challenge early on, but is significantly easier towards the end
  • Every third Apocalypse Plus level now requires completing one or multiple boss missions to finish. Sorry, that means you can't get to the end by playing Arch Haven many times over!
  • There is no longer a small chance for mobs to respawn while playing on high Apocalypse Plus levels
  • Drastically lowered the frequency of tier 2 and 3 variants of mobs (such as armored Zombies and Illagers) on Apocalypse Plus difficulty. This makes the gameplay feel more varied and alternating in pace and level of challenge when fighting mobs

Mob Enchantments

  • Electrified interval from every 5s -> 4s
  • Electrified damage from 150 -> 90
  • Effectively decreasing Electrified’s damage per second from mobs from 30 to 22.5


  • Each apocalypse plus threshold is now also a threshold for upgrading items at the Blacksmith

Enchantment Slots

  • Bosses in Apocalypse are now more likely to drop triple-enchanted items
  • Item drops now become guaranteed to have three enchantment slots partway through Apocalypse Plus

Artifact Cooldown Effects

  • Cooldown decrease from armor buffed from 30% to 40%
  • Cooldown decrease from a single enchantment slot buffed from ~30% to ~40%
  • Stacked cooldown decreases from multiple sources of different types will now have diminished benefits
  • Example: Using Evocation Robes and 3x maxed out Cooldown enchantments, the cooldown change would go from an 87% decrease to a 77% decrease
  • Overall, this is a buff to most cooldown combinations, and a slight nerf to cooldown builds that use a cooldown armor with two or more stacked Cooldown enchantment slots. We're hoping it will free up some enchantment slots for use on other things, while simultaneously fixing a few issues with stacking cooldowns we had previously


  • Charge attack damage 350 -> 175

Rampart Captain

  • Damage 440 -> 300

Wind Caller

  • Updraft damage 110 -> 80


  • Health 100 -> 200
  • Damage 85 -> 100


  • Third attack from 225 area -> 250
  • Third attack damage from 90 -> 140


  • Attack speed increased by ~30%


  • Range increased from 330 -> 350


  • Damage increased from 11 -> 13 (and 60 -> 70 for last attack)

Soul Scythe

  • Damage 75 -> 80
  • Splash factor 0.75 -> 0.85

Hunting Bow

  • Increased quiver size by 50%
  • Decreased charged shot damage multiplier from 2.5 -> 2.0

Power Bow

  • Damage increased by 33%
  • Fixed an issue where charged attacks weren't extra strong as described


  • Damage increased by 20%
  • Projectile speed increased by 20%

Wind Bow

  • Increased quiver size by 20%


  • Fixed an issue when attempting to delete a character while on "Create New Character" would delete a random character (MCD-3468)
  • Fixed the threat slider moving back to the recommended threat level as soon as a new mission is started (MCD-4640)
  • Fixed the explosion effect appearing underground for the Mountaineer and Rampart Captain (MCD-5035)
  • Fixed Squall Golems and Ravagers not attacking summoned mobs (MCD-5051)
  • Fixed the mission image staying red after adjusting threat level from Apocalypse Plus (MCD-4818)
  • Fixed German subtitles in the outro of Desert Temple (MCD-4001)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when opening a chest on Pumpkin Pastures during 4-player local co-op, as well as other interactable items
  • Fixed collisions on multiple walls and objects in several missions
  • Fixed the texture of the Redstone Monstrosity's head in the Camp house
  • The loading screen now shows the proper chosen threat level for Apocalypse Plus
  • The mission select map screens and settings screens can now be fully navigated with keyboard on PC
  • Made several improvements and fixes to text-to-speech functionality in the menus
  • Local co-op players can no longer be accidentally added if the friend screen is open after the player dies
  • Fixed the Howling Peaks screen linking to the base game on the Nintendo eShop
  • The mouse indicator no longer stays on items in merchant screens after changing the input from mouse to controller on PC
  • Fixed a non-dismissible "controller disconnected" warning displayed after unsuspending the game from Sleep Mode and pairing a Pro Controller on Nintendo Switch
  • Effects and sounds are no longer played twice for weapons with Shockwave if playing as a client
  • Fixed issues with Xbox players being unable to rejoin session after losing network connection
  • Improved messaging when linking to a Microsoft Account on Nintendo Switch while logged into that account on another device. The message now clarifies that "You are signed in to this game on another device. To use this Microsoft Account, sign out on the other device first"
  • Goat and Arctic Fox pets now play the correct sound when equipped
  • Lift gates in Windswept Peaks now play sounds when opening and closing
  • Improved line spacing of text in several areas of the menus



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