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Minecraft Dungeons

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September 8, 2020

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of 1.4.3 is an update to Minecraft Dungeons released on September 8, 2020, which added the Creeping Winter DLC, Daily Trials, balance changes, and bug fixes.[1]



Beenest Armor
  • Daily trials exclusive armor.
  • Turns health potion into an area effect.
Burst Crossbow
  • Daily trials exclusive weapon.
  • Fires multiple arrows with a short delay in between each arrow.
Buzzy Nest
  • A new artifact used to summon a bee every few seconds.
Enchanted Grass
  • A new artifact used to summon enchanted sheep.
Ghostly Armor
  • Daily trials exclusive armor.
  • Takes significantly reduced damage during a roll.
Ghost Kindler
  • Daily trials exclusive armor.
  • Unique variant of the Ghostly Armor.
  • Takes significantly reduced damage during a roll.
  • Fire Trail during roll.
  • Daily trials exclusive weapon.
Soul Lantern
  • Has melee and ranged attacks.
  • Use souls to summon an entity to attack mobs.


  • Used to reduce the cooldown of a roll.
Bag of Souls
  • Used to increase the maximum amount of souls carried.
Burst Bowstring
  • Used to shoot nearby mobs when the player roll, costing 1 arrow per roll.
  • Projectiles deal 40% of a charged shot's damage.
Busy Bee
  • Used to summon bees after killing any mobs.
  • Used to add more damage to the next attack after rolling.
  • Used to summon a bee when the player rolls.


Arctic Fox
  • A pet that can be obtained in the Creeping Winter DLC.
  • Unlike other pets, it has more complex behavior and sounds, like running towards dropped items and whimpering when it takes damage.
  • Used to upgrade items.
  • Can only finish upgrading after completing three successful missions.
  • Can only upgrade one item at a time initially.
  • Players can unlock additional upgrade slots after defeating the Arch-Illager on Default and Adventure mode.
Gift Wrapper
  • A merchant that gift item to the other players.
  • Once gifted, an item cannot be offered to another player.
Luxury Merchant
  • Only sell higher quality rare and unique items, at a much higher price.
  • Only a single item slot available when first unlocked.
  • Players can unlock two more item slots after defeating any bosses.
Mystery Merchant
  • Sells any random items.
  • Items obtained from the merchant can be of any rarity.
  • Only have two slots when first unlocked.
  • Players can unlock more item slots if the player kills any enchanted mobs.
Village Merchant
  • Sells common and rare items.
  • Only sell two items when first unlocked.
  • Reputation with the merchant increases by rescuing more villagers.
  • Will expand their inventory with more item slots when gaining a higher reputation.


Frosted Fjord, Lone Fortress, Lost Settlement


Creeping Winter DLC
  • Now available to the game.
Daily Trials
  • Challenges that make changes to the game mechanics which will provide difficult, experimental, or fun challenges for the players.
  • Two spawn on the mainland, and one on each Island Realms or Other Dimensions island.
  • Players can earn four new pieces of gear as powerful rewards.
  • Once a given daily trial is completed, the player cannot start it again on the same difficulty. Switching to a lower/higher difficulty will allow you to play any given daily trial up to three times per day.




Bow, Longbow, Shortbow
  • Increased ammo by 50%.
  • Increased dagger attack range by 25%.
Light Feather
  • Changed attack combo from 2 to 1 attack.
  • (Diamond Pickaxe attack combo was unchanged due to a bug until version


Crashes / Performance
  • Made dozens of improvements and fixes to Text-to-Speech throughout the game
  • Fixed players getting disconnected from a session if the host experienced low FPS during the loading screen
  • The Corrupted Cauldron can no longer be instantly killed
  • Fixed players having no arrows and health potion not working if getting disconnected from a game during load screen, then reconnecting
  • Using soul related items while wearing soul related gear no longer results in the player getting propelled into the air (MCD-1810)
  • Fixes to inventory salvage issues
  • Fall damage has changed to a percentage of health, regardless of armor worn
  • Fixed the gates flickering when down on Overgrown Temple
  • Fixed the ending cinematic becoming choppy during online multiplayer
  • Updated lobby chest close sound to better fit close action
  • Fixed missing sound when pressing the last button in the puzzle on Dingy Jungle
  • Fixed background music randomly stopping on Lower Temple
  • Redstone Golem mines no longer produce sound when Master Volume is set to 0%
  • Fixed cinematic voiceover language not changing after the system's preferred language is changed
  • Fixed menu sound effects not playing when selecting Threat Level VII
User Interface
  • Fixed the controller disconnect prompt not disappearing after reconnecting a controller (MCD-1584)
  • Fixed the door at the end of Dingy Jungle prompting "Travel" instead of "Exit"
  • Fixed a rare issue that showed an incorrect 'P0' indicator on the Mission Select screen in local multiplayer, causing input issues
  • Fixed the white background appearing briefly during the rewards screen after opening the chest
  • Panda Plateau now shows the proper loading screen for hidden missions, previously used the main menu image
  • Added a spinning icon animation to the Microsoft account sign-in screen
  • Altered the teleport menu so it will close if a button is pressed that isn’t bound to a specific target player
Xbox One Fixes
  • Improved title stability after being disconnected from Xbox Live
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when the active profile signed out during the mission victory countdown screen
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when signing out of the active profile whilst viewing the Mission Select screen at the camp
  • After resuming from a suspended state on the Start Screen, the title no longer erroneously displays a 'User signed out' message
  • Fixed players being unable to accept friends’ invitations after resuming the game from suspension while it was launched and suspended in offline mode
  • Fixed the game crashing when leaving a game session using a secondary profile after first disconnecting and reconnecting the controller
Nintendo Switch Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when pressing the Available now button for Jungle Awakens with a guest controller
  • Fixed news not appearing if not logged into a Microsoft account
PlayStation 4 Fixes
  • Fixed players invited to an online session by someone other than the host not receiving the invite


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