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Release date

Windows 10: June 30, 2020
Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One: July 1, 2020

Other instances
of 1.3.2 is an update to Minecraft Dungeons released on June 30-July 1, 2020, which added the Jungle Awakens DLC, as well as gameplay balancing changes, and bug fixes.[1]



Lower Temple
  • This update added the Jungle Awakens DLC, with the Dingy Jungle, Panda Plateau, and Overgrown Temple dungeons.[2]


Baby Crossbows
  • Unique variant of Dual Crossbows.
  • Arrows deal more damage to distant targets (Growing I)
  • A Common/Rare melee weapon.
  • Can be obtained in the Lower Temple dungeon, or from the Blacksmith.
  • Has two unique variants.
Battlestaff of Terror
  • Unique variant of Battlestaff.
  • Defeated mobs explode (Exploding I).
Corrupted Seeds
Dual Crossbows
  • A Common/Rare ranged weapon.
  • Can be obtained in the Lower Temple dungeon, or from the Blacksmith.
  • Has two unique variants.
Growing Staff
  • Unique variant of the Battlestaff.
  • Increased damage to wounded mobs (Committed I).
Spellbound Crossbows
  • Unique variant of Dual Crossbows.
  • Increased damage to enchanted mobs (Unchanting I).


  • The latest news for Minecraft Dungeons is now shown in the main menu.



Obsidian Pinnacle
  • Reduced minimum threat level from V to IV to make the boss less difficult to beat (letting more players unlock Adventure mode).


Corrupted Beacon
  • Increased Cost from 1 to 2.
  • Added cooldown for 2.5 seconds.
  • Increased beam radius from 150 to 200 unreal units.
  • Increased damage by 100%.
  • Increased cost from 25 to 40.
  • Increased cooldown from 1 second to 4 seconds.
  • Max damage also effectively increased by 60% due to damage being damage per soul.
  • Removed variable soul cost.
Lightning Rod
  • Increased cost from 10 to 15.
  • Added cooldown for 2 seconds.
  • Increased radius from 300 to 350.
  • Increased damage from 30 damage per soul to 60 damage per soul.
  • Max damage also effectively increased by 50% due to damage being DAMAGE PER SOUL.
  • Removed variable soul cost.
Soul Bow
  • Increased ammo stack from 40 to 50.
Soul Healer
  • Increased cost from 20 to 50.
  • Increased cooldown from 1 second to 5 seconds.
  • Increased healing allies spark start speed 100% and acceleration 150%.
  • Healing per soul from 10 to 4.
  • Removed variable soul cost.
Soul Knife
  • Increased damage by 40%.
Soul Scythe
  • Increased range by about 20%.
  • Increased damage by 35%.
  • Increased splash multiplier from 0.4 to 0.75.
Torment Quiver
  • Increased cooldown from 1 second to 6 seconds.
  • Increased soul cost from 10 to 30.


Anima Conduit
  • Removed soul amount multiplier on soul collection.
  • Increased effect from 1/2/3% to 2/4/6% per visual soul collected.
  • Now triggers on any kill source.
  • Increased explosion radius by 50%.
Fire Aspect
  • Increased the damage by +100%.
  • Increased healing from 4/6/8% to 5/7/9%.
Poison Cloud
  • Increased the damage by +50%.
  • Reduced radiance melee range to 750 (same as ranged).
  • Increased radiance ranged trigger chance to 20% -> 50%.
  • Increased damage from 20 to 35.
  • Increased projectile base speed by 13%.
  • Fixed missing notify.
Soul Siphon
  • Made each soul collected respect your soul gather bonus.
  • Reduced amount of souls per pop a little.
  • Reduced chance a little.
Soul Speed
  • Max stack reduced from 100 to 5.
  • Increased speed bonus from 1% to 5%.
  • Increased duration from 2,3,4, to 3,5,7 seconds.
  • Removed soul-amount multiplier for the speed bonus on collected soul.
  • Increased the damage by +25%.


Iron Golem
  • Has 25% more health.
  • Increased attack speed by 15%.
  • Increased movement speed by 15%.


Crashes / Performance
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay and improved stability across all platforms.
  • Fixed a Bug where you can “die” in camp
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an online game.
  • Controls are no longer unresponsive while interacting with a merchant or Camp chest and getting kicked or disconnected from an online session.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred while host was fighting the Heart of Ender and other players were below the arena, waiting by the jump pads.
  • Potential fix for a crash that occurs when there's no proper audio device connected.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when docking and undocking during a loading screen on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on PC when pressing Enter on the Add Friend screen.
  • Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur after joining another player's session after reconnecting to Xbox Live while in a suspended state during single-player gameplay.
  • Fixed an infinite loading screen that could occur when attempting to proceed past the title screen after being forcibly signed out during a loading screen.
  • Fixed some issues with Windows Store players receiving the "Unable to verify game ownership" error (MCD-1230).
  • Added a notification when a player leaves the game during online multiplayer.
  • Fixed the game getting stuck in offline mode when removing a second player from the main menu.
  • Starting an offline game after the host of an online game forcibly disconnects no longer launches into a mission-camp hybrid (MCD-165).
  • Kicked players can no longer rejoin the session without an invitation if they were kicked during the reward screen.
  • Players are no longer able to send invitations or join themselves through the Xbox app.
  • Fixed camera issues that could occur when players simultaneously jumped off a cliff.
  • Fixed Evokers spawning too many Vex.
  • Fixed dying on some ledges in Obsidian Pinnacle without falling off.
  • Fixed some sections of Camp that caused players to get out of bounds (MCD-457).
  • Fixed players getting stuck in a pit on Squid Coast.
  • Players can no longer fall off the edge at the start of the secret Rune Room.
  • Players can no longer roll onto platforms in Cacti Canyon before they’re raised.
  • Arrows no longer auto-target dead mobs until their bodies disintegrate.
  • Fixed Redstone Golems not attacking players if attacked from a far distance.
  • Fixed an item duplication glitch.
  • Fixed the Cores not animating during the Redstone Monstrosity fight during online multiplayer.
  • Shooting a Key Golem with a Trickbow or Heavy Crossbow no longer causes arrows to loop back and forth around them.
  • Fixed Witch potion bottle breaking sounds.
  • Fixed Redstone Monstrosity and Arch-Illager sound effects not affected by master volume setting.
  • Fixed sound effects for some artifacts not playing when encountering large groups of mobs.
User Interface
  • The "Start Game" button on the main menu now defaults to the last selected mode.
  • Fixed missing characters in Korean localization of the enchantment and brightness screens (MCD-1394).
  • 'Lobby Chest' is now just called 'Chest'.
  • The Burning enchantment now has the proper description, stating that it "damages nearby enemies".
  • Artifacts can no longer hover over the weapon and armor slots on the Inventory screen.
  • Flaming Quiver/Torment Quiver/Fireworks no longer overlap with arrows on the HUD.
  • Fixed overlapping buttons on the main menu in non-widescreen resolutions.
  • Fixed corrupted Fireworks Arrow animation.
  • Power and level of consumable items no longer on the HUD in online multiplayer.
  • Fixed mob health bars get wider as the game progresses.
  • The friend list now updates properly after kicking a player.
  • Fixed the friend list automatically scrolling when clicking buttons or hovering the "Join" button.
  • The host of an online multiplayer game now always appears at the top of the player list.


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