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Advertisement is a major update to Minecraft Dungeons released on February 8, 2022, which adds the "Festival of Frost" event and fixes bugs.[1]


Performance / Stability
  • Fixed the game becoming unresponsive when navigating to the Hero Select screen while the game was checking for online permissions
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when selecting "Equip" and pressing the spacebar while selecting an artifact on the Tower Reward Select screen
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after skipping the Microsoft Account linking process on PlayStation
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when logging out of the game on PC
  • Improved performance when opening the Mission Select screen
  • Players no longer need to own the Season 1 Adventure Pass to unlock Season 1 achievements on Steam (MCD-6984)
  • New PlayStation Network accounts are now able to obtain Adventure Points upon first boot up
  • Added a new mouse hover sound effect to interactable objects in the world to improve accessibility. The sound is three-dimensional, so players receive distance and direction information to better help locate interactable objects
  • Fixed an issue that was causing some players to not unlock rewards for Adventure Rank 1 and 2 (MCD-6891)
  • Fixed some instances where potions and TNT would fall through the ground after opening a chest or defeating a mob (MCD-6063)
  • Fixed damage numbers disappearing after hitting a mob with a damaging enchantment (MCD-6686)
  • Fixed missing sound effects for Raid Banners
  • Fixed mobs suddenly spawning in front of players with no spawning animation
  • Fixed the Fox pet clipping through the ground on the Hero Select screen
  • Fixed issues with some summoned pets not teleporting back to players if they got stuck
  • Duck, Toucan, and Raven pets are no longer outside of their air bubbles during Hidden Depths missions
The Tower
  • Fixed certain artifacts staying in the player’s inventory after failing a Tower run (MCD-6961)
  • Fixed the player avatar appearing stretched on the reward screen after completing a Tower floor (MCD-6970)
  • Enchantments on Tower starting gear now change with every new Tower configuration
  • The Uniquesmith now upgrades the power level of a selected item to match the strongest piece of gear in the inventory
  • Enchantment Point values no longer become negative after gilding an enchanted item at the Gildsmith
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players not to earn rewards after completing a Tower floor
  • Navigating Tower Floor rewards will now show the comparison of currently equipped gear
  • Fixed the screen flashing white after interacting with Tower merchants for the first time during a Tower Run
  • Fixed duplicate Tower floor rewards appearing too frequently. The Tower now limits rewards to drop again after seven floors
  • Fixed missing wind visual effects not appearing on some Tower floors
  • Fixed a floor in the Tower that could be skipped (MCD-6976)
  • Fixed music not playing for certain ambush events (MCD-6875)
  • Fixed a chest that was impossible to reach in Arch Haven (MCD-2988)
  • Fixed players getting stuck on top of certain buildings on Windswept Peaks during local co-op (MCD-6609)
  • Fixed areas of Underhalls that had inaccessible chests (MCD-3737)
  • Added missing item descriptions for Gilded versions of Nimble Turtle Armor, Sponge Striker, Encrusted Anchor, The Beginning and The End, Call of the Void, Sturdy Shulker Armor
  • The Growing enchantment now triggers on Exploding Crossbows the same way as on other ranged weapons (MCD-6034)
  • The Fuse Shot enchantment no longer generates on Exploding Crossbows (MCD-6471)
  • Verdant Robe, Moon Daggers, Soul Fists, and Soul Hunter Crossbow can now generate with soul enchantments (MCD-6860)
  • Enchantments will now trigger on explosion damage for primary target instead of for base projectile damage to make certain enchantments work as intended with Exploding Crossbow (MCD-6329)
User Interface
  • The "All" tab of the inventory screen should now always be displayed first and be sorted by the most recently picked up items (MCD-4629)
  • Fixed a typo relating to Enchantment Points during a Tower Run (MCD-6914)
  • Fixed partial loss of input in the Adventure Hub after closing it by opening the mission select screen or inventory
  • Improved scrolling through rewards on the Adventure Hub screen
  • Fixed the text of "Floor Type" and "Attempts Left" overlapping on certain languages during a Tower Run
  • Adjusted the text of the "Give up Tower run" button to now say "Leave Tower"
  • The "Undo" button on the Tower Floor Complete screen now plays a sound when pressed
  • Sounds no longer play when pressing left or right on the Tower Failed screen, since there are no items to select
  • The "Confirm" button on Tower merchant screens now plays a sound when pressed
  • Steam rich presence now appears properly when playing inside the Tower
  • Swapped the button colors when returning to the Camp from the Tower so "Continue" is now green
  • Added missing sound effects for highlighting player gear slots on the Tower Rewards screen
  • Fixed missing sounds when hovering over and selecting enchantment slots on the inventory screen
  • The "Reconnect" button on the main menu can now be navigated to and selected using keyboard input
  • Improved screen reader support on the Blacksmith screen
  • Improved screen reader support for the Upload Hero screen
  • The screen reader now gives proper context after accepting or declining a game invite
  • Emotes and flairs will now play simultaneously when selecting those rewards in the Adventure Hub
  • Fixed the timer for accepting a mission being stuck at 24 seconds while the player is on the Inventory screen
  • Fixed audio from the Tower returning for a second after selecting "To Camp" from the Tower Failed screen
  • The sound effect for selecting the Tower Hub is now only played once
  • Added ⇧ Shift and Ctrl icons to the Adventure Hub interface, indicating that those keys can be used to change pages on that screen
  • Fixed several Seasonal Rewards names overlapping portions of the screen in certain languages
  • Fixed some alignment issues with the action bar at the bottom of the Mission Select screen
  • Fixed accepting a mission vote while still on the post-mission summary screen opening the Adventure Hub instead of the rewards screen



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