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Advertisement is a major update to Minecraft Dungeons released on December 14, 2021, which adds the Cloudy Climb seasonal adventure and fixes bugs.[1]


The Tower
  • New gameplay area with thirty different floors.
    • Layout of the floors changes every few weeks.
Seasonal Adventures
  • New progression system for unlocking of cosmetic rewards.
  • Added ten new achievements.


  • Unintentional rolling is now prevented by increasing thumbstick deadzone maximum to 100% (MCD-1100)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when swapping certain melee weapons mid-attack (MCD-6662)
  • Fixed an issue that could result in loss of data when shutting down a PC during a loading screen (MCD-6717)
  • Players must now 'hold to confirm' to pick up a banner from a Raid Captain, to prevent accidental pickup
  • The 'Back to Back' achievement now unlocks correctly (MCD-6775)
  • The 'Ear Protection Recommended' achievement now unlocks correctly during online multiplayer sessions after meeting the criteria (MCD-6657)
  • Players can no longer be killed during the opening cutscene on Gauntlet of Gales (MCD-6737)
  • Fixed an area on Windswept Peaks that caused players to get blown onto an invisible floor by the wind currents
  • Windcaller mobs can no longer launch the player out of bounds on Gauntlet of Gales
  • Fixed an invisible collision that could block arrows on End Wilds
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Coral Rise, as well as fixed an area on the mini-map that appeared playable but was not
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Windswept Peaks
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Broken Citadel (MCD-6597)
  • Fixed an area that allowed players to leave the playable area on Creeper Woods
  • Fixed some chests clipping through walls on Frozen Fjord
  • Fixed the mission objective not changing after picking up the Conduit on Abyssal Monument (MCD-6573)
  • Reduced the size of the cores in Fiery Forge to prevent accidental triggering (MCD-6039)
  • Fixed the player’s view getting blocked by the foreground in an area of End Wilds
  • Corrupted Seeds now have consistent behavior against flying mobs (MCD-6664)
  • Fixed a permanent damage reduction by utilizing Ghostly Armor and Ghost Kindler (MCD-6702)
  • Dual Crossbows now shoot both projectiles properly towards mobs that are much higher and lower than the player (MCD-6805)
  • Fixed some Spookier Fall event gear not showing the proper glow effects when fully enchanted
  • The Ancient Guardian no longer gets stuck out of player attack range (MCD-6200)
  • Ghasts no longer launch into the air after noticing players
  • Skeleton Horsemen can no longer be stunned using certain artifacts
  • Iceologer attacks can no longer be blocked by holding TNT
  • Guardian Vex can no longer be enchanted by Enchanters
  • Ravagers once again perform their charge attack correctly (MCD-6760)
  • The Jungle Abomination no longer ignores pets summoned by players (MCD-6568)
  • Poison Quill Vines no longer ignore pets summoned by players (MCD-6570)
  • The Gravity Pulse enchantment now plays a sound effect when triggered
  • Updated the ranged Dynamo enchantment description for clarity: "Adds damage to the next attack after rolling, with multiple rolls stacking the damage effect."
  • Fixed the Tempo Theft enchantment not triggering after a killing blow
User Interface
  • Accessibility improvements and fixes for text-to-speech on several screens
  • Fixed slow waiting times when linking to a Microsoft Account (MCD-6371)
  • The level progress bar is now shown properly on the upload/download menus for cloud saves
  • Fixed the 'To the End!' achievement notification not appearing on Nintendo Switch
  • Fixed an incorrect translation of Torment Arrows (MCD-5981)



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