Minecraft Dungeons

Internal version

Windows, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch: 6831222
Steam: 7209941

Release date

Windows, Microsoft Store, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch: August 11, 2021
Steam: September 22, 2021 is a minor update to Minecraft Dungeons released on August 11, 2021, which fixes bugs.[1] The Steam version of Minecraft Dungeons was released with this version.


  • Daily Trials now appear for Echoing Void missions (MCD-6351).
  • Fixed Shulker projectiles failing to travel up stairs (MCD-6328).
  • Fixed excessive popping that occurred when gliding with Elytra in local co-op so now it's a smooth flight.
  • Added a short delay to the opening Echoing Void cutscene so it can't be skipped by mistake.
  • The End Tower sub dungeon can now only generate once on End Wilds.
  • Fixed a chest that could not be reached on Cacti Canyon due to the collisions on the tile.
  • It's no longer possible to skip past the diamond gate in the End Wilds mission, which caused the mission to be incompletable.
  • Fixed an arena fight that could be skipped on Broken Citadel so it can no longer be skipped.
  • Fixed an arena fight in The Stronghold that couldn't be completed if Silverfish fell off the edge.
  • The Wind Pillar arena on Gauntlet of Gales can no longer be skipped.
  • Fixed the large Stronghold door not appearing for clients in online multiplayer sessions.
  • Fixed an area of Broken Citadel that was blocking player view and navigation.
  • Fixed the Vengeful Heart of Ender's pinwheel attack when the player is not in the arena.
  • Fixed the 'Burning Up' achievement not being unlocked by clients in online multiplayer sessions.
  • Fixed the 'Burning Up' achievement being unlocked after only meeting one of the unlock criteria.
  • Subtitles now appear for all supported languages in intro cutscenes for Jungle Awakens, Creeping Winter, and Flames of the Nether.
  • Fixed the final Echoing Void cutscene subtitles not being translated to all supported languages.
  • "Slow" status effect's text is now localized for all supported languages.
  • Fixed some text strings for mission objectives that weren't appearing properly.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with players clipping through the Vengeful Heart of Ender during missions.
  • Arrows no longer flicker when stuck in walls of the Old Town Hall on Pumpkin Pastures.
  • Rain once again appears on Soggy Swamp when playing on Nintendo Switch.
  • Water in the Endersent Sighting area of Soggy Swamp now appears correctly when playing on Nintendo Switch.
User Interface
  • A strange blue background no longer appears on the Download/Upload Hero screens (MCD-6336).
  • The Ender Eye count on the map screen no longer disappears until the Eyes have been placed in the End Portal.
  • Fixed clients being unable to interact with the Ancient Hunt mission vote prompt on second and every subsequent voting while using a controller.
  • Scuttling Torment now gets its very own icon on the Ancient Hunt screens.
  • The icon for Vexing Chant now appears correctly when viewing mission rewards.
  • Fixed the objective marker disappearing in certain areas of The Stronghold mission.
  • Getting kicked from an online session while watching the Echoing Void intro cutscene no longer causes graphical issues on the Hero Select screen.
  • The stun icon no longer appears indefinitely when fighting Blight Eye Endersent.
  • The Void Quiver arrow icon is now consistent across all platforms.


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