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July 28, 2021

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of 1.10.2 (PS4/Xbox/Nintendo Switch/Windows (minecraftdungeons.net)) or (Windows (Microsoft Store/Xbox app)) is a major update to Minecraft Dungeons released on July 28, 2021, which added the Echoing Void DLC, Gauntlet of Gales, new Enchants, and bug fixes.[1]





  • A common enderling found in the End.
  • Blasts goo at the hero at a rapid rate.
  • The basic ranged enemy of the End.
  • A small mob similar to the Silverfish
  • Attacks by stomping the ground.
  • A powerful mob found in the End.
  • Usually attacks by smashing or swatting its massive arms at the hero.
  • Can summon watchlings.
  • Extremely powerful.
  • A defensive mob that lurks in cities.
  • Shoots shulker bullets at heroes, which causes a levitation effect.
  • A small mob found commonly in the Stronghold.
  • Attacks by biting the hero.
  • A common enderling found in the End.
  • Shoots snareling goop at the enemy, which can get the hero stuck.
  • After catching the hero, all in the area will slap their long arms at the hero.
  • The trapper mob of the End.
Vengeful Heart of Ender
  • The final boss of the Ultimate Edition.
  • More powerful than the Heart of Ender
  • Can summon endermites.
  • A very common enderling found in the End.
  • Teleports behind the hero, then attacks.
  • The basic enemy of the End.


Echoing Void DLC
  • Now available to the game.
Gauntlet of Gales
  • A Mainland level that takes after the Gale Sanctum.
  • Grants a chance for free-to-play players to obtain Howling Peaks gear for their hero.
  • Added 10 new achievements.



The following enchantments have expanded to the new weapon types:


Flames of the Nether
  • Added story narration to the beginning of each Flames of the Nether mission.
Hidden Depths
  • Ancient Guardian becomes invulnerable and can no longer be damaged when it leaves the arena.


  • Bosses can no longer be instantly killed before they spawn (MCD-5585)
  • The Diamond Key Golem can no longer get stuck on the other side of the gate on Cacti Canyon (MCD-5637)
  • Arena battles can now be completed even if a mob has spawned or fallen underground
  • Emeralds can now be gathered by downed players
Ancient Hunts
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the exit door to not be opened at the end of Ancient Hunts (MCD-5373)
  • Ancient Mob icons on the Ancient Hunt screen are now revealed when they have been defeated
  • Fixed text alignment on Ancient Hunt screen
  • It is now possible to withdraw an item on the Ancient Hunt screen using a keyboard when playing on PC
Weapons, Armor, and Artifacts
  • Sponge Striker's special effect no longer deals enough damage to instantly kill the hero when hitting a mob enchanted with Thorns (MCD-5935, MCD-6086)
  • Heroes can no longer use normal attacks while using Eye of the Guardian that was triggered by Final Shout
  • Windbow now pulls defeated mobs during multiplayer sessions
  • Stopped Heavy Harpoons changing size after hitting something
  • Crossbow arrows now despawn after hitting Geomancer walls (MCD-5979)
  • Fixed Soul Lantern and Wonderful Wheat artifacts showing zero summon damage in their item stats (MCD-5974)
Enchantments and Effects
  • Dynamo stacks are now removed upon hitting a mob with Fireworks Arrow, Torment Quiver, and Exploding Crossbow (MCD-5939)
  • The Dolphin's Grace effect now appears as a separate icon to Swiftness on the HUD
  • Luck of The Sea now appears on the HUD and added a visual effect to the hero when the enchantment is activated
  • Fixed Luck of the Sea enchantment causing Gilded Common items being incorrectly labeled as Unique (MCD-6000)
  • Fixed an exploit that caused Updraft Tome to be spammed repeatedly
  • Aborting Overcharge no longer leaves the Overcharge visual effects on the hero
  • Heroes no longer respawn inside the Nether portal room door after jumping off a ledge in the Camp (MCD-5294)
  • Fixed cactus blocks not having collisions
  • Fixed light from torches flickering during Night
  • Fixed heroes' shadows casting on surfaces they shouldn't, like under bridges
  • Fixed the force field effect still being present after gates were lowered on Nether Fortress
Hidden Depths
  • Turtle Armor and Squid Armor can now be sold by merchants in the Camp (MCD-6046)
  • Fixed a hole in Radiant Ravine that cause heroes to get stuck (MCD-6159)
  • Players can no longer destroy Ancient Guardian mines (MCD-6222)
  • Fixed the Conduit heart temporarily disappearing after death
  • Fixed corrupted graphics on the Conduit after walking away from it
  • Fixed the item description of the Trident to describe its actual ability
  • Fixed missing sound effects for Drowned Necromancer lightning strikes during multiplayer sessions
  • Pufferfish no longer inflate when other Pufferfish are nearby
  • Fixed delayed arena battles in Abyssal Monument
  • The gates no longer close and reopen in areas of Abyssal Monument
  • Tridents no longer look huge when they're stuck in Tropical Slimes
  • Characters in local co-op no longer continue walking and fall off the edge during the outro sequence on Radiant Ravine
  • Lightning strikes now deal area of effect damage during Night in multiplayer on underwater missions
  • Decreased the time it takes for mobs to disappear after being killed in underwater missions
  • The red vignette is now present during the Night in underwater missions
  • After attacking Squid, ink clouds now appear more consistently, in a slightly larger area, and last for 10 seconds
  • Fixed oxygen directional markers completely disappearing under the HUD
  • Fixed mobs appearing out of bounds on Radiant Ravine
  • Fixed heroes getting stuck behind the arena gate on Abyssal Monument
  • Fixed the camera becoming obscured in various areas on Abyssal Monument and Radiant Ravine
  • The "TNT Used" statistic no longer appears after underwater missions
  • The Snowball enchantment no longer targets Pufferfish
Creeping Winter
  • The intro narration to Lone Fortress now Properly refers to the Wretched Wraith
  • Added Mountaineer and Armored Mountaineer to Frosted Fjord and Lost Settlement
  • Added Witch to the forest segment in Lost Settlement
  • Rebalanced all mob groups in these missions
  • Added more hidden chests, substantially increasing the loot players can get from these missions
Jungle Awakens
  • Fixed untextured fence blocks in Jungle Awakens missions (MCD-5667)
  • Fixed Jungle Zombies not inflicting poison damage
  • Rebalanced all mob groups in these missions
  • Added more hidden chests, substantially increasing the loot players can get from these missions
  • Animals should now appear less frequently and not at all in arenas in these missions
  • Added Witches and large Slimes in Dingy Jungle for improved mob variance
  • Added Skeleton Vanguard and large Slimes in Overgrown Temple for improved mob variance
  • Added Skeleton Vanguard, Witches, and large Slimes in Panda Plateau for improved mob variance
User Interface
  • Fixed the Cloud Saves prompt appearing in the main menu every time a local P2 guest account left a session
  • Fixed multiplayer clients sometimes not seeing the damage they deal
  • Removed the cosmetic warning prompt that appeared when uploading a Hero that had Sinister Cape and/or Baby Pig cosmetics equipped, as these are available to all players (MCD-5808)
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to rejoin an online session after being kicked
  • "Raid Captain Bounty" text is now translated to all supported languages
  • After enchanting an Item, Screen Narrator can now read the requirements for another level of enchantment
  • Fixed the new character not being discarded if exiting the character creation menu with the Escape key



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