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Minecraft Dungeons

Internal version


Release date

May 26, 2020

Other instances
of 1.1.1[1] (build ID: 4142545) is the first version of Minecraft Dungeons available to the public, released on May 26, 2020.


15 issues fixed
From released versions before
  • MCD-22 – Block weirdly appearing and disappearing.
  • MCD-35 – Skeleton during tutorial in the bridge is hard to see.
  • MCD-39 – Can get stuck in deep water.
  • MCD-43 – After entering the Creeper Woods dungeon once, it cannot be entered again in later playthroughs of the level.
  • MCD-51 – Some phrases are not translated completely / translated incorrectly.
  • MCD-64 – Changing the Friends key bind doesn't update the on-screen prompt.
  • MCD-74 – After exiting the settings menu, the pause menu automatically closes as well.
  • MCD-80 – Environment decoration lacks collision box Creeper Woods - The Caravan.
  • MCD-86 – It's possible to open the pause menu during the loading screen.
  • MCD-113 – Cannot exit the Settings menu in the main screen by pressing Esc.
  • MCD-136 – Player can get stuck behind a house in Squid Coast.
  • MCD-170 – Screen loses mouse when changing resolution.
  • MCD-329 – Chimney smoke is off.
  • MCD-1035 – Game tells me that ownership cannot be established.
  • MCD-1075 – Preordered Minecraft Dungeons: Hero Edition, hero pass not showing.


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