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The mission ???, originally known as Mooshroom Island is a secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons. Unlocking it requires finding all runes in the game. To start the quest, the hero is required to have beaten Obsidian Pinnacle. The location is similar to the Mushroom Fields biome in vanilla Minecraft. Mooshrooms are the only normal mob that spawns, while the Mooshroom Monstrosity appears as the final boss.


Upon completion of Obsidian Pinnacle, and then activating the button in the back of the church at the camp, several secret areas appear where nine runes must be collected before the hero can obtain a secret scroll in a hidden room of the church.


MOO – Moo? Moo!

In-game story

The story description of this mission is known as "Moo?", and the story and objectives are all "Moo" with different punctuation, aside from the final objective, "Leave the Island".

As soon as the heroes complete all the runes, they find a doorway leading to a mysterious land. When they go through, they find an island filled with Mooshrooms, giant mushrooms, and pop flowers. They will have to escape the island, while killing the mooshrooms along the way. While the heroes are escaping, they run into the Mooshroom Monstrosity, a shroom infested version of what appears to be a Redstone Monstrosity. When the heroes defeat it, they find a boat and raft back to the Mainland.





Mobs and entities[]


Mob Difficulty
Ancient Hunt Default Adventure Apocalypse
Mooshroom Yes Yes Yes Yes
Raid Captain No Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1]
Mooshroom Monstrosity No Yes Yes Yes
????? Yes No No No
  1. a b c Spawns only if the mission have already been completed once.


Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Wolf Armor Yes Yes Yes
Death Cap Mushroom Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1]
Enchanted Grass Yes Yes Yes
Flaming Quiver Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1]
Golem Kit No No Sometimes[note 1]
Gong of Weakening No No Sometimes[note 1]
Harvester Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1]
Melee Gear
Claymore Yes Yes Yes
Mace Yes Yes Yes
Soul Scythe No Yes Yes
Ranged Gear
Exploding Crossbow No Yes Yes
Soul Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
  1. a b c d e f g h i j k Sometimes dropped by Mooshroom Monstrosity MCD-5654 – Mooshroom Monstrosity Still Drops Old Artifacts


  • This mission is a reference to the cow level in Diablo II, another Dungeon crawler game similar to Dungeons.[citation needed]
  • This is the only mission and secret location without arena battles, but it has a boss fight.
  • The music contains cow noises (or imitations of them).
  • The fact that it says Moo? and Moo! is based on The End? and The End! from the ender dragon and The Beginning? and The Beginning! from the wither from normal Minecraft.
  • The Mooshroom Monstrosity is not the same Redstone Monstrosity defeated by the hero at Fiery Forge, as the hero has the original Monstrosity's head above the fireplace in the house at Camp
    • There were originally going to be multiple Redstone Monstrosities at various missions[1], but they were cut.



  1. Redstone Monstrosities appear in various missions other than Fiery Forge in trailers and promotional material.