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The Church in the camp, where a player unlocks ???

MOO – Moo? Moo!

In-game description

MOO – Moo? Moo!
In-game description

The level ??? is a secret mission in Minecraft Dungeons. Unlocking it requires finding all runes in the game. To start the quest the player is required to have beaten Obsidian Pinnacle. The location is similar to the Mushroom Fields biome in regular Minecraft. Mooshrooms are the only normal mob that spawns, while the Mooshroom Monstrosity appears as a boss.

The mission in this level is known as "Moo?", and the story and objectives are all "Moo" with different punctuation, aside from the final objective, "Leave the Island".


Upon completion of Obsidian Pinnacle, several secret areas appear in which 9 runes must be collected. A painting inside the church in the camp gives hints on how to unlock them.

NOTE: The levers/buttons that open the rooms containing runes generate only after visiting the Church, which requires defeating the Arch-Illager on default mode.

Level Location Picture
Creeper Woods Near the caravan at the end of the level, go all the way to the left. A hole should appear that the player can enter. The first rune is inside, at the end of the platform. Rune Location 1.png
Pumpkin Pastures On a stone brick wall there are some crates and an area of stone bricks that are noticeably darker. There is a button behind the crates that moves the darker bricks out of the way, allowing entryway. The second rune is at the end of the platform. Rune Location 2.png
Soggy Swamp To the right of the level end there is a large tower-like structure. Behind some mushrooms at the base there is a button. Activating it opens a door in the cliff face. The third rune is at the end of the platform. Rune Location 3.png
Redstone Mines In the far left side of the area where the player must free 6 villagers, there is a hidden button. Pressing it opens the wall. The fourth rune is at the end of the platform. Rune Location 4.png
Fiery Forge Upon entering the first bright pathway in the beginning of the level, on a wall to the right of the Redstone Golem is a lever that can be pulled to open a pathway in the wall. The fifth rune is at the end of the platform. Rune Location 5.png
Cacti Canyon On the left of the entrance to the room where the blue Key Golem is collected, there is a palm tree. Behind it is a button that can be pressed to open the wall behind the blue key. The sixth rune is at the end of the platform. Rune Location 6.png
Desert Temple In the room in front of where the player collects the Key Golem, there is a lever on the wall next to a bush and a palm tree. This lever opens a wall. The seventh rune is at the end of the platform. Rune Location 7.png
Highblock Halls In the outside "market" area, up the stairs on the far right, an unlit torch acts like a lever, opening the wall. The eighth rune is at the end of the platform. Rune Location 8.png
Obsidian Pinnacle In the "study"-like area, there is a bookshelf with a book that can be interacted with, near a normally inaccessible room seen on the map. Rather than it being a door to a purple environment with a platform like the other 8, it is a regular room with two chests. The ninth rune is here. Rune Location 9.png

After the player collects the 9 runes and returns to the church, the golden button with a cow face unlocks a room with 2 obsidian chests and a map, which reveals the secret level. On the level selection map, this can be found behind the Creeper Woods in the northwest corner of the map.


Rune 2D
Rune 2D Ghost
Rune Cube Appear
Rune Cube Click
Rune Fire Loop
Rune Fire Stream
Rune Towers Rise
Rune Unlock Fire
Rune Cube Heart Loop
Rune Cube Collected
Runes All Unlocked
Runes All Unlocked Word


As soon as the heroes complete all the runes, they find a doorway leading to a mysterious land. When they go through, they find an island filled with mooshrooms and giant mushrooms. They will have to escape the island, while killing the mooshrooms along the way. While the heroes are escaping, they run into the Mooshroom Monstrosity, a shroomified version of what appears to be the Redstone Monstrosity. When the heroes defeat it, they find a boat and raft back to the mainland.



Mob Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Mooshroom Yes Yes Yes
Mooshroom Monstrosity Yes Yes Yes


Main article: MCD:Drops § ???
Item Difficulty
Default Adventure Apocalypse
Gear Drops
Claymore Yes Yes Yes
Mace Yes Yes Yes
Soul Scythe No Yes Yes
Soul Crossbow Yes Yes Yes
Exploding Crossbow No Yes Yes
Wolf Armor Yes Yes Yes
Enchanted Grass Yes Yes Yes
Harvester Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1]
Gong of Weakening No No Sometimes[note 1]
Death Cap Mushroom Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1]
Golem Kit No No Sometimes[note 1]
Flaming Quiver Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1] Sometimes[note 1]
  1. a b c d e f g h i j k Sometimes dropped by Mooshroom Monstrosity



  • This level is a reference to the cow level in Diablo II, another Dungeon crawler game similar to Dungeons.
  • The level was originally named Mooshroom Island.
  • The music contains cow noises (or imitations of them).
  • This is the only mission that does not spawn any Piggy Banks besides Squid Coast.
  • This, the Lost Settlement, the Colossal Rampart and the Crimson Forest are the only secret levels that feature a final boss so far.
    • This is also the only secret mission that is marked as a boss mission, and the only one with a unique boss.
  • This level along with the Jungle Awakens and Flames of the Nether levels are the only levels without any Illagers.
  • The fact that it says Moo? and Moo! is based on The End? and The End! from the Ender Dragon and The Beginning? and The Beginning! from the Wither from normal Minecraft.
  • The runes required to unlock this level spell out the words "BOVINE PATH", as can be seen in datamined files.