Minecraft China is a Chinese localized edition of Minecraft developed by NetEase and Mojang AB.


The Chinese Edition was announced on April 7, 2017 in Water Cube, Beijing, China, where delegates from Mojang, Microsoft, and NetEase attended.[2] The first closed beta test took place from April 10 until its closure on April 28.[3][4] The Minecraft server Hypixel announced on May 20 that a China-exclusive server was going to open,[5] and another closed beta test began from July 14 until its public opening on August 8.

Within a week of the first public beta test of the Chinese Edition on Android, the number of users grew beyond 14 million.[6][7]


  • Free game downloads
  • Cloud storage
  • Friends system
  • "Patch" system, similar to Marketplace
    • Includes API, resource packs, skins, and mods
    • Made by community creators, some are free
    • Instead of Minecraft Coins the currency is "Emerald" and "Diamond", which dont conflict or affect with in-game items
  • No achievements
  • Virtual controller
  • New UI and Pause Menu