Minecraft China is a localized edition of Minecraft: Java and Bedrock Editions for mainland China developed by NetEase and Mojang Studios.

Minecraft China has over 300 million players as of November 2019.[2]


The Chinese Edition was announced on April 7, 2017 in Water Cube, Beijing, China, where delegates from Mojang, Microsoft, and NetEase attended.[3] The first closed beta test took place from April 10 until its closure on April 28.[4][5] The Minecraft server Hypixel announced on May 20 that a China-exclusive server was going to open,[6] and another closed beta-test began from July 14 until its public opening on August 8.

Within a week of the first public beta test of the Chinese Edition on Android, the number of users grew beyond 14 million.[7][8]


  • Free game downloads[9]
  • Cloud storage[Java Edition only]
  • Friends system
  • VIP center
    • 20 ¥(CNY) per month
    • VIPs enjoy a 40% discount on the current season's merchandise
  • "Patch" system, similar to Marketplace
    • Includes API, resource packs, skins, and mods
    • Made by community creators, some are free
    • Instead of Minecraft Coins the currency is "Emerald" and "Diamond", which don't conflict or affect with in-game items
  • No achievements on Bedrock Edition
  • Certain vulgarities and other words will be displayed as ***
  • Added pet fox, which is a guide to survival and certain mobs
  • Virtual controller
  • New UI[Bedrock Edition only] and Pause Menu
  • In-game forum



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