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Sapling inventory
Minecraft 4k

A screenshot of Minecraft 4k.

Minecraft 4k is a game made by Markus Persson for the Java 4K competition. Released on December 2, 2009[1], it is "way less than 4 kilobytes"[2] and is more limited than any other edition of Minecraft ever released, including Pre-classic. An updated released on December 4 changed the controls and added widescreen, more blocks, and the ability to place and destroy blocks.[3] The graphics appear pixelated due to the game rendering at a low resolution, and textures for blocks are similar to those used in Minecraft Classic. The sky is black due to the lack of a skybox.

The original page that hosted the game was removed in November 2014, but both an archive of the website and the executable are available on the Internet Archive.


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