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Minecraft (Step into Reading series) is a series of children's books written by Nick Eliopulos and Arie Kaplan, and illustrated by Alan Batson. Each book includes a set of thirty stickers.

Step into Reading books[]

Title Published Author(s) Pages Plot synopsis
Survival Mode! May 25, 2021[1] Nick Eliopulos 32 Two players, Emmy and Birch, and their tame wolf Byte, set out to explore, build, craft–and survive–in the epic expanse of the Overworld!
Mobs in the Overworld! June 15, 2021[2] Emmy, Birch, and their tame wolf Byte set out on an adventure to find Emmy a pet of her own. Along the way, they will encounter mobs that are helpful and mobs that are hostile in a story that’s filled with fun and action.
Escape from the Nether! January 4, 2022[3] Two players, Emmy and Birch, and their tame wolf Byte, set out on an epic adventure into the mysterious Nether!
The Sky's the Limit! January 3, 2023[4] Birch wants to go flying more than anything. Emmy has an idea for getting the right materials but it is going to be an incredible journey.
Mobs in the Mansion! January 2, 2024[5] Arie Kaplan Emmy and Birch–and their tame wolf Byte–set out on an epic adventure to explore a dark mansion!


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