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Dark Horse Comics
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Action / Adventure, Fantasy

Publication date

June 4, 2019 – present

Created by

Sfé R. Monster
Sarah Graley

Written by

Sfé R. Monster
Hope Larson
Kevin Panetta
Rafer Roberts
Ryan North
Ian Flynn
Stephen McCranie
Kristen Gudsnuk


Sarah Graley
Meredith Gran
Jenn St-Onge
Stephen McCranie
Josie Christensen
Savanna Ganucheau
Cheryl Young
Ryan Maniulit
Kristen Gudsnuk
Samantha Hummer


John J. Hill
Meredith Gran
Savanna Ganucheau
Cheryl Young
Ryan Maniulit
Stephen McCranie


Triona Farrell
Kristen Gudsnuk
Stef Purenins
Nakata Whittle


Shantel LaRocque
Rachel Roberts
Brett Israel
Freddye Miller
Judy Khuu
Sanjay Dharawat

We are very excited at the prospect of bringing Minecraft to comics. The world of Minecraft is vast with countless stories to tell. We look forward to working with the great people at Mojang AB and Microsoft to bring these stories to its enormous fan base.

Mike Richardson, President of Dark Horse Comics[1]

Minecraft is a graphic novel series based on the video game of the same name, published by Dark Horse Comics in partnership with Mojang Studios.

Publication history[]

On September 24, 2018, Dark Horse Comics announced a partnership with Mojang Studios and Microsoft to produce a series of Minecraft graphic novels.[1][2]

Graphic novels[]


Title Release date Plot synopsis
Minecraft: Volume 1[3] June 4, 2019 Tyler is your everyday kid whose life is changed when his family has to move from the town he's always known. Thankfully, Tyler has a strong group of friends forever linked in the world of Minecraft! Tyler, along with his friends Evan, Candace, Tobi, and Grace, have been going on countless adventures together across the expanses of the Overworld and are in need of a new challenge. The group decides to go on the Ultimate Quest--to travel to the End and face off against the ender dragon!
Minecraft: Volume 2[4] October 21, 2020 The end of summer has brought new challenges for Evan when a bully chooses to target him. Evan tries to hide this from his friends, but when he and the gang find themselves in a similar situation in the Ever Realm, Evan can't keep quiet anymore. As they find themselves assaulted by pirates, and then by an even bigger threat, all the players realize they must learn to rely on each other to face adversity.
Minecraft: Volume 3[5] November 3, 2021[6] Candance, Evan, Grace, Tobi, and Tyler continue their adventures in the world of Minecraft and find themselves stumbling upon a mysterious ruined portal. Arriving to a strange and wonderful corner of the Nether that they've never seen, the group turn to their Nether expert, Grace, for help. However, as they face new threats, Grace finds that the team's reliance on her in the Nether is hitting a breaking point! The group discover themselves deep in a bastion and now have to face their most intense challenge yet... without their expert. It'll take the full force of the entire group to overcome the unknown!

Wither Without You[]

Title Release date Plot synopsis
Minecraft: Wither Without You - Volume 1[7] April 22, 2020 Cahira and Orion are twin monster hunters under the tutelage of Senan the Thorough. After an intense battle with an enchanted wither, their mentor is eaten, and the twins are now alone! The two hunters go on a mission to get their mentor back, and meet an unlikely ally along the way! Stumbling into her underground home, Cahira and Orion meet Atria--a girl cursed as a monster lure! The twins convince Atria to join their rescue mission to use her monster-attracting abilities to find the enchanted wither... and Atria wants to learn how to protect herself against the mobs of monsters coming for her!
Minecraft: Wither Without You - Volume 2[8] May 26, 2021 After saving their mentor from the belly of a wither, twin monster hunters Cahira and Orion turn their sights on solving the mystery of their new friend’s hostile mob lure curse. The team must seek out Senan’s former sorcerer nemesis to find a cure for Atria’s monster woes. But things aren’t what they seem. Though the sorcerer’s grand mansion and cat-fountain are alluring, there’s a secret in her dungeons–mob grinders! And while navigating city life, the twins set off a chain of events which lead to a zombie apocalypse!! Can they save the town and its hapless villagers?
Minecraft: Wither Without You - Volume 3[9] May 17, 2022 After surviving the horrors of a zombie villager outbreak, the adventurers begin to make their way to Atria’s hometown of Woodhaven. But the journey is far from a smooth one, and dangers lurk around every corner, as our heroes witness more evidence of the Wither’s path of destruction across the overworld. With new allies at their side and an arsenal of magic at their disposal, Senan, Cahira, Orion, Atria, and Wilkie prepare themselves for the final explosive confrontation with the fearsome creature. But are they a match for the mysterious Wither?

Free Comic Book Day[]

Title Date Story Art Letters FCBD Issue Plot synopsis
"Griefer"[10] May 4, 2019 Hope Larson Meredith Gran Minecraft / Incredibles 2 A heartless Griefer runs rampant, but she discovers her actions end up having real world consequences.
"Changes" July 29, 2020[11][12][note 1] Stephen McCranie Stranger Things / Minecraft A young middle-schooler discovers puberty is stranger than she imagined. With the help of her friend, she learns just how fun being different can be as she explores her new Minecraft powers in the real world!

Stories from the Overworld[]

Title Date Story Art Letters
"Birthday Boy" October 15, 2019 Kevin Panetta Savanna Ganucheau
"A Creeper's Tale" Ryan North Cheryl Young
"The Witch and The Pillager" Rafer Roberts Ryan Maniulit
"A Pig's Tale" Stephen McCranie
"A Strange Shore" Ian Flynn Jenn St-Onge N/A


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Wither Without You

Free Comic Book Day

Stories from the Overworld


"Stories from the Overworld"[]