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Minecraft: Zombies Return![note 1] is the fifteenth Minecraft novel, the second to be authored by Nick Eliopulos, and the second novel in the zombie-themed trilogy. A sequel to Minecraft: Zombies!, it was published by Random House Worlds on July 18, 2023.[1] An audiobook was released the same day, with narration provided by Tara Sands.[1]

A sequel, currently untitled, is slated to be released on May 21, 2024.[2]


Bobbie is on a mission. She’s already survived one encounter with Logan, the jerk who attacked her village and turned her brother into a zombie. And now she won’t rest until she stops his evil plan to conquer the Overworld with his zombie horde. But the closer she gets to foiling Logan, the further away she gets from her original goal: finding a cure for her zombie brother.

Ben is on… babysitting duty. Separated from Bobbie, Ben is now in charge of caring for her little brother, Johnny, and keeping up with his Zombie Obedience Lessons. Lessons that are going well! Johnny doesn’t even need his leash anymore, and he hardly tries to eat people at all—unless they really, really deserve it. Logan’s abandoned lair is even starting to feel a little like home.

But while doing a little spring cleaning, Ben discovers Logan’s secret diary, filled with all his biggest plots, including his next target: a legendary hero named Pigstep Peggy. Now, it’s a race against time. Can Ben track down Bobbie and stop Logan before his zombies feast again? Can they win Peggy over to their cause? Will Johnny ever stop hungering for brains? [1]



  1. Stylized as Minecraft: Z2mbies! Return