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9 May 2012 (Xbox Marketplace)
4 June 2013 (Retail Disc)



This article is about Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. For the Xbox 360 Version History, see Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition/Version History.

Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, (also known as Minecraft XBLA) is an edition of Minecraft available on the Xbox Live Arcade. It was released on May 9, 2012 as a DLC for 1600 Microsoft Points ($20.00). Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition has a split-screen feature that can hold up to 4 players. There is also an online multiplayer of up to 8 players (an Xbox Live Gold Membership is required). If a person does not have LIVE or Internet, they can buy the disc version which was released on June 4, 2013.


The gameplay was first released largely intact from PC Beta 1.6.6, with altered Xbox 360 controls and a crafting box appearance. It has less features than the PC version such as having no downloadable mods which might be added in the future. The current version is TU70.

Texture Packs

Main Article: Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Texture Packs

When TU12 was announced, it was also revealed that the game would support texture packs.

On September 2, 2013, it was announced that Minecraft: Mass Effect Edition would be the first one to be supported. It was released on September 4, 2013.

Texture Packs List

  • Skyrim Mash Up Pack
  • Mass Effect Mash Up Pack
  • Halo Mash Up Pack
  • Plastic
  • Steampunk
  • Fallout Mash Up Pack
  • Fantasy
  • Natural
  • Candy
  • Festive Mash Up Pack
  • Greek Mythology Mash Up Pack
  • Cartoon
  • Chinese Mythology Mash Up Pack
  • Norse Mythology Mash Up Pack
  • Adventure Time Mash Up Pack
  • Halloween Mash up Pack
  • Egyptian Mythology Mash up Pack
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Mash up Pack


As of Title Update 36, minigames are now included in Minecraft Xbox 360 edition. Which include Battle, Tumble, and Glide mingames. The battle and tumble minigames require at least 2 players to play while the glide minigame allows solo play. Before each round players are placed in a lobby to explore decide what maps to play on and change rules and prepare for the next round. Each minigame has mechanics not found in the normal Minecraft gameplay such as point system, timer, smaller inventory size, speed boosts, etc.

Battle Minigame

Players are placed on each side of the selected map. Before the match begins all players are given a short amount of time to gather some weapons, food, and armor, During this time all players are invincible, When this time is up the invincibility is removed and all player must battle each other until the last player or team standing wins or til the time is up based on how many points players have.


This minigame has two modes: snowball and shovel.

In snowball mode all players are place on a small platform of random blocks. All players are first given a shovel with a small amount of time to break up the platform and carry as much stuff as possible. When the time is up. The shovels will be removed and all items gathered will turn to snowballs. Players must then use the snowball to knock the other players off the platform. Last player or team standing wins.

In shovel mode players are placed on a large platform of made of random blocks which all act like dirt. Players are given shovels. Once the match begins players has to knock the other players off the platform by attacking them or using the shovels to dig away the platform underneath other players. Again last player or team standing wins.


In this minigame there are two modes: time trial and score attack. Both of which can be played with 4 players or solo. All player are given elytras to glide down a long track with many twists and turns.

In time trial, if the player is playing solo, the player has to reach the bottom as fast as possible. If playing with 2 or more players, it will be treated as a race, and when a player finishes, there will be a time limit for the other players to finish the race.

In score attack, players must glide down the track while flying through rings to gain as much points as they can before they reach the bottom. The person with the most points will win. For solo players it will be recorded as a high score.

Official Trailer

Official Trailer - Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition

Official Trailer - Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition



  • The Minecraft map is actually 864x864, meaning there is 746496 square meters in a map, and in turn nearly 75 hectares (100x100 blocks) and 188 acres (63x63 blocks).
  • In this version the Ender Dragon spits Ender Acid, which makes it the only version of Minecraft to include that feature.
  • The Xbox 360 Edition will never be the same as the PC version as 4J Studios adds many things from multiple versions of Minecraft.
    • However, lately the most recent updates have been making this version almost identical which suggests they had changed their minds.
    • More information on the Xbox 360 version history can be found here.
  • In this version, some of the ender crystals in the End are caged by iron bars.
  • All the items found in the Nether in this version of the game are renewable since the Nether can be reset.
  • 4J Studios stated that they are considering on adding objects that would be exclusive to the Xbox 360 Edition of Minecraft to make up for the game being behind that of the PC version.
    • Minecraft for the Xbox 360 is the only version of the game to receive Texture Packs that are fully supported by 4J Studios and Mojang AB.
  • If one was able to break the last layer of bedrock in the Overworld by hacking, the bedrock will be replaced with an invisible block.
    • Arrows can get passed through this block and water flowing down will just disappear past that block, it will not spread (counts with lava).
  • In older versions of the game, if one found a hole in the bedrock floor, they can fall into the void, but before they died, the client would freeze up.
  • It is unknown whether the removed human mob is in the older versions of this version. The only way to test it is to hack the game and get mob spawners and then put the Human mob into the spawner to try to spawn it.
  • The Giant mob was added to the game, but it couldn't be spawned without hacking.
    • It can be spawned by using mob spawners or spawn eggs through editing.
    • In more current Title Updates the giant mob seems to have been removed a long time ago
  • All disc versions of the Xbox 360 edition are automatically set at TU9.
  • TU70 is the final update for Xbox 360 edition. Mojang will no longer release anymore content updates for past gen consoles. (Along with PS3, vita and Wii U). Any updates past this point is only going to be bug fixes and maybe new skin packs and mash up packs

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