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So I’m a writer living in New York. I actually moved from Florida to New York to work in children’s publishing as an editor, and I did that for a good twelve or thirteen years before transitioning to writing full time. I’ve got a lot of different projects in addition to the Minecraft books – I’m also writing a fantasy series, which I’m co-writing with my best friend, and I’m the writer and narrative designer for a small video game studio based in Seattle. I’m a big gamer as well as a big reader and writer, so the Minecraft gig is a super-exciting one for me!

Nick Eliopulos, author of Minecraft: Woodsword Chronicles[1]

Minecraft: Woodsword Chronicles is a series of children's books written by Nick Eliopulos and illustrated by Luke Flowers, Alan Batson, and Chris Hill.

Woodsword Chronicles books[]

# Title Published Pages Plot Synopsis
1 Into the Game![note 1] March 26, 2019 144 Five young Minecraft players in the real world find themselves transported inside the game they love. But now it's not a game—and they will have to use everything they know to explore, build, and survive!
2 Night of the Bats! When zombie hordes attack them in the game, and bats invade their school in the real world, Ash, Morgan, and their friends realize that it's going to take all their talents to get to the bottom of these monstrous migrations.
3 Deep Dive! September 3, 2019[2] As Ash, Morgan, and three of their fellow Minecraft players, who can actually enter the game, take a deep dive into the Aquatic biome, they find a world filled with beauty and wonder. A treasure map promises adventure and the opportunity to explore—but it could also be a trap set by the mysterious Evoker King. With air running low, will they survive to find out?
4 Ghast in the Machine! January 7, 2020[3] Jodi, Ash, Morgan and their fellow Minecraft players go out into the real world to find clues to the identity of the mysterious and sinister Evoker King. Not only do they need to find out who—or what—he is, but they need to know if it's really possible for him to escape the game! Because if he can, that could spell big trouble both in the game and out!
5 Dungeon Crawl! July 7, 2020[4] When Po, Morgan, and three of their fellow Minecraft players track the Evoker King to his home in the heart of a perilous dungeon, they have to gear up for an epic fantasy quest filled with danger, dragons, and hostile mobs. Meanwhile, in the real world, the school play seems to be full of its own traps and troubles. Are Po and his friends doomed in both worlds?!
6 Last Block Standing! January 5, 2021[5] As the world of Minecraft falls under the Evoker King’s control, Morgan, Ash, and their friends get ready for the final showdown. But with their enemy now in possession of the most powerful building block in Minecraft, do they really stand a chance of defeating him? And meanwhile, in the real world, the kids deal with the devastating news that Ash and her family may be moving away! Will both worlds come to an end, or is this just a new beginning?


Spoiler warning
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Into the Game![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–7

Chapters 8–15

Night of the Bats![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–6

Chapters 7–14

Deep Dive![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–7

Chapters 8–15

Ghast in the Machine![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–7

Dungeon Crawl![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–6

Last Block Standing![]

Prologue and Chapters 1–7

Chapters 8–15 and Epilogue




  1. Original title was Mob Squad!